Learn To Play Drums – Drum Lessons

DRUMMERS: Drumeo has finally launched… www.drumeo.com . Do you want to learn to play drums for the very first time? Watch this step-by-step training video to get started. It will guide you through four simple patterns that form a basic rock drum beat. You will learn to play drums in no time. . Get the sheet music for this lesson online at – www.freedrumlessons.com . More Information online at: www.FreeDrumlessons.com http www.DrumLessons.com .

L2P on iTunes: itunes.apple.com – Amazon www.amazon.com Myndflame on Facebook: www.facebook.com myndflame.gameriot.com – HQ Stream From the writer of MC Raiders comes another WoW parody titled “Learn 2 Play”.


  1. thezombinator101 says:

    Crap, I don’t have a metronome

  2. msterolen says:

    las pdria hacer en español ???

  3. livster160 says:

    Ur beast at playing drums. I have a drum set and I’m just starting to take lessons. I  it

  4. TheBoyCalledSam says:

    I was ok until he says goes to your drum set and practice. I dont yet have a drum set but needed something to watch on youtube

  5. bvb77a7x says:

    in drums u dnt need 2 know know da counts or da clarification bt wat u need 2 know is dat u need 2 keep da beats

  6. tonythex1 says:

    @zejulien1 Yep ,and people here are not responsible for the Crisis……..

  7. zejulien1 says:

    @tonythex1 Fiscal crisis ? Haha

  8. tonythex1 says:

    @zejulien1 Dude! I live in Greece xD

  9. zejulien1 says:

    @tonythex1 I play guitar :P I’ve 3 g.It’s very pleasant to play guitar !
    I’d like to play drums too :P Why don’t you start one ?

  10. tonythex1 says:

    @zejulien1 I’d like to have Drums and a Guitar :)

  11. tonythex1 says:

    @ChocolateAndGuitar o.O

  12. tonythex1 says:

    @zejulien1 :P

  13. zejulien1 says:

    @tonythex1 Looooool me too ! Haha !

  14. MrDawgon says:

    I can count to 4 too

  15. ChocolateAndGuitar says:

    @tonythex1 (Y)

  16. missjoyvilla says:

    this is fantastic!

  17. diana0563 says:

    hey you dont need a drumset to learn how to play the drums
    a real drummer learns with just two drumsticks and some rthymm :)

  18. VLombardi01 says:

    Very cool thought. I’ll start my drum lessons here today.

  19. tanyathehomefinder says:

    Cool I’ll try it

  20. zingor42 says:

    Thank you, I’m 100% new to this and your videos are very helpful!

  21. makelelegd96 says:

    2:21 he closes his eyes as if it were really hard

  22. davehayes2204 says:

    As a complete novice ( I.e the snare drum description taught me something!) this is a fantastic video. My daughter is about to receive a drum kit for Christmas and I thought I’d get the heads up. If I can “teach” her the basics via the Internet it will save me on drum lessons until I recover from Christmas :)

  23. pinkynikki92 says:

    Drummer are so unrewarding but without them, bands would suck

  24. TheKylesauce says:

    @NonaSuymo13 Maybe you should stop drinking…

  25. kendrew2107 says:

    yes, I am always thinking about learn Drum
    but the reason is I dont have enough coordination to play

  26. badebias says:


  27. Meoidn says:

    So the reason why WoW isn’t excellent anymore is that you don’t need to play it everyday to get excellent? e_e

  28. CorpPitbull says:

    Too cheap to pay for WoW every month, or atleast that’s what you say in Trade but your parents aren’t paying for it is the REAL tale? Come play Generic-crappy-free-private-server we have a total of TWO servers TWO WHOLE SERVERS! One is insta 85 the other is Wrath! Both are kaput as shit!

  29. thunderbird085 says:

    Fantastic music and video

  30. Meoidn says:

    @Andreasbboldsen /facepalm

  31. Lolbrennenz says:

    First: Learn 2 Play by Myndflame
    I Play WoW by Jace Hall

  32. W4RrIorz709 says:

    must play wow… must play wow… EVERYDAY!!

  33. Evilfish82 says:

    That troll is pure win.

  34. Mojojs0 says:

    WoW is level over 9000 armor against females.

  35. RogerabbitGosu says:

    I play wow about 4 hours a week and I am a 2600 priest o_O Not all about time spent :D 

  36. Mrlonefighter says:

    1:40 WoWception much :o

  37. St3althN00b says:

    Was the ghost part from halloween at midnight?

  38. MrDruid1234 says:

    like it nice one

  39. GoHDMusic says:

    hurray ancient ironforge in beginning :D

  40. CavalierEmperor says:

    Whats with the ghost part

  41. MrGlorblor says:

    i like myndflame hes made so many memorable wow videos over the years makes me smile :D

  42. olgasementsova says:

    Didn’t notice Myndflame did the song

  43. Cheche8685 says:

    we waste life in wow, become ghost later and then we die, so what gona enter on my pally got to do few bgs :D

  44. NathonNazgrel says:

    656 people cant afford  crusader enchants

  45. Trollpatsch71 says:

    holy shit, as a wow player this makes me sad, and realize how i waste my life…
    well i gues i’m gonna play wow now :/

  46. Andreasbboldsen says:

    Cant keep listening to it, i got to get a life

  47. NeutralRpNoob says:

    After watching this vid, I realised something…I’ve got to play WoW…

  48. TheApollosun1 says:


  49. gruesomebeaver says:

    I like what the fuc better

  50. napjacob says:

    when ive stopped playing wow if i see this i wanna play it again…

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