Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

MY MUSIC BLOG neilyoungbootlegs.blogspot.com It is the springtime of my loving – the second time of year I am to know You are the sunlight in my growing – so small warmth I’ve felt before. It isn’t hard to feel me glowing – I watched the fire that grew so low. It is the summer of my smiles – flee from me Keepers of the Gloom. Speak to me only with your eyes. It is to you I give this tune. Ain’t so hard to recognize – These things are clear to all from time to time. Talk Talk – I’ve felt the coldness of my winter I by no means thought YOU would ever go. I cursed the gloom that set upon us… But I know that I like you so These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall This is the wonder of devotion – I seek the set on fire we all must hold. This is the mystery of the quotient – Upon us all a small rain must fall…It’s just a small rain… —————————— “The Rain Song” is a like ballad of over 7 minutes in length. Guitarist Jimmy Page originally constructed the melody of this song at his home in Plumpton, England, where he had recently installed a studio console. A new Vista model, it was partly made up from the Pye Mobile Studio which had been used to record the group’s 1970 Royal Albert Hall routine and The Who’s Live at Leeds album.[1] Page was able to bring in a completed arrangement of the melody, for which singer Robert Plant composed some lyrics. These lyrics are considered by Plant himself to be his best by and large vocal routine.[2
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David Wallimann teaches the basic construction check of all music scheme, the interval. This lesson teaches the scheme in family member to the guitar, but it will still apply to all instruments. To view more lessons in David Wallimann’s “Scheme & Improvisation” series please visit : www.jamplay.com


  1. levonwolf says:

    I remember the first time I saw my lady, I thought she was the most gorgeous person bustling. Then I heard the rain song and wanted to share that with her. I told her this song was the most incredible thing in the planet. She reminded me that, this was the way I felt about her. I told her that, there is the rain song and you. After that it was just the rain song and me. Upon
    us all a small rain must fall. Levonwolf lol

  2. TemoArtemon says:

    what a rare comment! where are u an who are u, it’s really fascinating for me. one of my pet song!

  3. omercool2610 says:

    do you guys wanna do something awesome?
    take note,
    play the rain song.
    then sit on a something comfortable, close your eyes and zone out,
    im telling you it’s the best thing ever!

  4. BluntmanSam says:

    __Upon Us All A Small Rain Must Fall__

    Lukewarm emotions
    Clashing keepers of the gloom
    Springtime loving again

    Haiku Zeppelin

  5. rebelsike says:

    @SqueezeMyLemon100 Sorry if you misinterpreted what I said. By saying “Stairway” wasn’t the best doesn’t mean I in fact judge there is a “quintessential Zep tune.” That was the whole point of my message; if you can pick out a single song and call it the best, you havn’t listened to their entire musical repitoire.

  6. RisingSon011 says:

    @BehindTheWallOfDoom uh , yeah . I know . Can’t you get your point across without calling someone a nigger ?

  7. BehindTheWallOfDoom says:

    @RisingSon011 Growing you nigger.

  8. RisingSon011 says:

    ur the sunlight in my groin

  9. MsFerna says:

    what’s the point of thumbing this down?

  10. SqueezeMyLemon100 says:

    @rebelsike There is no such thing as a “quintessentail Zep tune”. And to try and identify one insults the band and thier eargasmic music.
    Like, SML

  11. MrPolymeneas says:

    How can Led Zeppelin be so perfect???there isn’t a single song of theirs that i don’t like…HAIL LED ZEPPELIN!!!!

  12. MrBanyanboy says:

    500,000,000 thumbs up and still 162 dickheads

  13. natalia007ish says:

    @MagickZoso  you handled that right honey..who is listening to this in such a negative hostile manner???gotta go…we may be hippies but we don’t place up with unprovoked meanness

  14. mvdav67 says:

    This song seems to get better every time i pick it up again! One of their top 5 songs…..By no means mind their all excellent!!

  15. MagickZoso says:

    @samooskhka My “raging, futile comment” was to @lughlongarm76 not you and had to do with other fantastic album’s from 1973. Don’t know why you felt the need to answer so rudely – but have a fantastic day, if that’s even possible for you.

  16. samooskhka says:

    @MagickZoso I don’t know but I wish it would come and take you the fuck away so then I wouldn’t have to see your raging futile comments

  17. rebelsike says:

    And why all this Beatles vs Led Zeppelin controversy anyhow? Each group will openly admit that they admire and have been influenced by the other. I mean were talking about the top 2 influential groups of all time, what they’ve done can’t be altered or erased, so why argue about whose better?

  18. rebelsike says:

    @quinieleong The reason you dont reckon the Beatles sound very unique is because other artists/groups have been copying what theyve done since 1963. They don’t have a unique sound, but they are the ORIGINAL sound.

  19. flybutterflyhigh says:

    this is my pet.

  20. 1968lucille says:

    One of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. broskiskunk says:

    Riding a dildo.

  22. uneedtherapy42 says:

    @cMVg101 I feel you my friend…NO WORDS

  23. redsoxfan1324 says:

    Jimmy pages intro lifts you throught the rain into the clouds were you are soothed by plants vocals, then the hammer of bonzos drum stick brings thunder and you headbang for the heavy section. Then you drift on page and plants melodies back into reality and pages outro sets you gently back into your bed.

  24. MagickZoso says:

    @lughlongarm76 and Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions. Where is that confounded time machine?

  25. MWRiff says:

    @des01700 And the reason he says there is no minor 4th is because there is only a half step linking 3 and 4 so the minor 4th interval is just the major 3rd interval, its similar to saying there is no c flat chord because it is just B major (again because there is only a half step linking b and c.

  26. MWRiff says:

    @des01700 Not all of them, for model the octatonic a.k.a diminished scale has a flattened 5th, which I assume is called the minor 5th either way its not a perfect 5.

    The formulas stay the same in any key if thats what you meant, like the major scale will always be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in any key and the natural minor scale will always be 1,2,b3,4,5,b6,b7 in any key. Peeeace :)

  27. MWRiff says:

    Not many teachers are this concise, Ive only watched the first 30 seconds so far and I already know to take note to your words properly, I’m going to get a nice brew and resume, thanks!

  28. des01700 says:

    When stating that “there is no such thing as a minor/major 4th or fifth”, is this encapsulating of all scales?

    Aside from that question, thanks for the video, fantastic lesson!

  29. farleycl1 says:


  30. bSublime187 says:

    David Wallimann, YOU, Are the most well spoken guitar teacher i have ran into, online or off line. This was the single most awesome lesson on intervals ever! 1000 kudos to you, my friend.

  31. TheGregsmitty says:

    i mean this not thus

  32. TheGregsmitty says:

    where can i watch thus for free i don’t have paypal or a credit card?

  33. Knarsens says:

    @TEZZOR8 4ths and 5ths would be diminished or augmented.
    To get the rest of the lesson you will doubtless have to get a membership at jamplay.com.
    I would reccomend doing that. It’s a fantastic site :)

  34. DiscipleCJ2391 says:

    His introduction just hit me… Respects given to this guy…

  35. girlgerms007 says:

    Where is the video that follows this? Anyone have a link?

  36. drjamx says:


  37. 666thrashmaster says:

    I quite guitar lessons because they irritated me thank you for this

  38. funkking567 says:

    thanks alot man. :)

  39. TEZZOR8 says:

    What about the tritone?
    ie sharp 4 or flat 5?
    Also it would be useful to know why the intervals are where they are? Why is there a mayor and minor 2nd…….etc?
    Please fill in the gaps.

  40. TheSkaddict says:

    @timberland1108 Parker Glide

  41. cmartinjr2 says:

    wow… i understood this.. :) 

  42. timberland1108 says:

    what kinda guitar is that

  43. daiselol says:

    i knew all this, but still watched because it’s nice to watch beginner vids again

  44. Morbidjeff666 says:

    you have given me hope to culture scheme

  45. CardinalSuperChess says:

    this is the first time i realy understood. thanks it ment alot to learn.

  46. Vercingetorix says:

    There is also another subcategory the “augmented” intervals!!!

  47. mortu777 says:

    Just a quick question:does JamPlay have bass lessons?I’ve been playing guitar for about 2 years and I got wedged,and I want to try to learn to play bass the proper way this time.Thanks.

  48. lizardmaldokill says:

    my pinky is double jointed, so every time i try and go it, it uncomfortably snaps… i can’t fluently go my pinky back and forth… will this effect me doing this?

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