Legato Patterns with Pentatonics (Guitar Lesson SC-025) How to play

In this guitar lesson I show you how to use some legato patterns to speed up your pentatonic scales and get some cool licks. I go through one try out in detail and then just show you another 5 that you can explore for yourself. I got taught these patterns by my teacher many years ago, but a few guys have sent me links that the main try out here is also taught by Paul Gilbert in his video called Intense Rock II. He plays it way better than me too. I’m sweet sure you can’t copyright licks anyway, but I feel I should credit Paul Gilbert here because he was very nearly certainly the origin of these licks (via my teacher). So if you want some more even more intense licks then look up his video – it’s sweet incredible. So I emailed Paul to check he wasn’t going to be pissed about my use of the lick. His answer: “I haven’t copyrighted any pentatonic licks, but I do own F# on the 11th fret of the G string exclusively. Rock and Roll, Paul” What a dude. So all you kids, check out the lick, but NO PLAYING F# on the 11th FRET – OK!!! Or else ;) There is TAB for the licks and the patterns on the web site – you doubtless wanna check that out – will make them simpler to learn…Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no
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  1. KHriss1231 says:

    hey man!!! can you tell me by MP or here whaat kind of strings do you use??

  2. condormurio says:

    hi justin, im a real fan of your lessons, i know them all. didnt you say in “you shook me all night long” that the sg was not yours?! XD. its a joke, very nice lesson, dude, keep going, you play very excellent and you know how to teach your skills very well!

  3. aboveunow says:

    Thanks for another very useful lesson, it’s not to see a different take on pentatonic stuff Justin.

  4. TeoDogueri says:

    Hi, Justin!
    A fantastic lesson again!
    I’m a beginner, but one day I want to be on stage with the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton ;-) . Your lessons are very helpful on my way to Rock’n'Roll.

    All we are saying is : Justin for President!

  5. guyombara says:

    Hey Justin, fantastic licks ;-) I would be interested to learn more about the way to use the pick to get more velocity… Thanks for your excellent job.

  6. SupaXalaBoiz says:

    @camlpg he’s from Australia, stirred to London since1996 :D

  7. camlpg says:

    @tyrantsbane6 Nay, he’s English; therefore, from England.

  8. camlpg says:

    Copyrights for guitar licks now that is sick. OK a few months ago I thought about starting a chocolate biz. The next thing I see walking in a farmer’s market is someone selling chocolates exactly the way I was thinkinkg. Now if that isn’t intellectual property theft I don’t what is. Can anyone say e-mind reading?

  9. Chifluky says:

    All Gibsons fail in the third string tuning!!

  10. tyrantsbane6 says:

    Geat lesson and teacher!

  11. tyrantsbane6 says:

    @gloriousimpactmusic Really I judge he’s Austrailian.

  12. gloriousimpactmusic says:

    i realized he was british when he said tap offs instead of pulloffs lmao

  13. xyrzbat says:


    Who’s Paul Gilbert? Please tell me you’re joking. He is a GREAT guitar teacher and he is considered as one the best guitarists of all time. Watch his lessons on youtube. His videos “intense rock 1 and 2″ are one the best instructions on picking.

  14. topher8096 says:

    fantastic job, very informative, thanks.

  15. TerminalGuitar says:

    Whoa, watched this 6 months ago and said, can’t do it. Just 15 minutes ago I learned the 5 Pentatonic Scales and watched this through once and got it all. You cover everything necessary to let me play how I want while using multiple skills to achieve it!

  16. 0ccupationalHazzard says:

    0:00 Incase of ads

  17. 0ccupationalHazzard says:

    @JustinSandercoe Wow! You got a Gibson SG for a competition?! Excellent on you!

  18. MaxCore1171 says:

    tap off’s…

  19. maidenstrat1 says:

    Hi Justin do you supply Tab for all your instruction vid’s…

  20. BigCanOfBeans says:

    LOL PAul Gilbert owns a note!

  21. fenderHM says:

    That’s a Paul Gilbert lick from his second teaching CD.  Maybe a coincidence. It is a nice try out.

  22. enyeny7077 says:

    you sound kiwi

  23. gregbutcher1 says:

    brilliant lesson, very excellent to know. from OZ.

  24. Dimeshit666 says:

    Are you angliche ?

  25. Theguitarchordman says:

    thanks justin this lesson really help me

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