Lifehouse – From Where You Are

If you like this song, check out “Eternal Smile”: If you want to learn how to play this song on the guitar, check out my tutorial: Note that my guitar is tuned down half a step from the original recording, this is how Lifehouse plays this song live. the backstory to “From Where You Are”: performed by Jason Wade, a member of a band named Lifehouse. Mr. Wade was inspired to write the song by the death of a 16-year-ancient friend in an auto accident. The money-making dramatizes the issue by showing a highway crowded with cars – filled with teenage passengers – that suddenly disappear. “Every year, nearly 6000 teenagers go for a drive and by no means come back,” says the actor Dennis Haysbert, the Allstate spokesman. He questions the parents watching the spot to “start the conversation” with their teenage children about driving safely. For more information on Lifehouse and Jason Wade’s music, visit For more information about Teen Safe Driving, visit


  1. TheIloveyoutoo143 says:

    i miss you baby, so much its crazy i cant wait till you come home. i like my marine <3

  2. tifa1218 says:

    My boyfriend and i are the EXACT SAME way! He just some-what recently told me he loved me and right now everything is so perfect i dont even want to lift a fiddle with, in dread of messing it up. But now im going off to institution (im a bit older) and we are going to stay together and map out how we can see each other as much as possible. But i know i am going to misshim like crazy!

  3. FlippOut44 says:

    Wow. That’s incredible. Congrats :) 

  4. valeyo18 says:

    Like you mom and i wish you WERE here :(  .

  5. dirtyhorton1 says:

    My huge brother passed away in 07 and to this day i still feel the pain i did when i lost him.. i dont reckon we are ever going to lose the pain we just got to keep going and HOLD ON to the like we have and by no means forget… RIP Zachary

  6. KageKeeper says:

    28 years ago I met my right like. I was 11 years ancient. We both went through some horrendous times together and then had zero contact for the next 28 years.

    I found her last week. I am still in like with her. I didn’t know. Now I do.

    This song is so perfect.

  7. ingerworld says:

    mi favorita por el resto de mis dias :) 

  8. AlyssasBakery101 says:

    my boyfriend is leave-taking for institution soon and hes going to be 10 hours away. I like this song and I hope it will get me through it.

  9. sassypants1124 says:

    joel, i miss u, ik u can read this from up higher than, I MISS U ill c u agian ;(

  10. Kerenmarie8774 says:


  11. lcrnmae says:

    I’ve got manners and grew up with a excellent ancestry. So, I wouldn’t lower my values to someone who doesn’t have anything. Thank you.

  12. myne1000 says:

    & Cameron babe, i got accepted to NYU like you said i would years n years ago….its produce of you i judge in myself..i like you <333

  13. myne1000 says:

    Cameron…its really been 4 years since our last laugh sesh..i like you babe..i miss you..ill see you again….one day soon <3

  14. chopprz says:

    stay cool and strong dude! Excellent luck!

  15. titsforitzsarcazm says:

    Meeting people you love over internet dating sites is gay. You are probably a fat ugly prick :>

  16. FranciellyTeixeira1 says:


  17. lcrnmae says:

    I am 6,077 miles from the guy that I like. I need a visa to go to him which is really really hardnto get. Yet, I know we can make it through. Anton, I know we can. :)

  18. Canadianehh4 says:

    I am 3,579 km’s away from you, ” I wish you were here “

  19. Atz011089 says:

    Wow, that is nice, I wish you excellent luck!!!

  20. 00000141051992 says:

    I miss all the small things… :’( ..

  21. fanani55 says:

    I’m in like with this song…miss you babe :* So far away from where you are and I miss you <3

  22. CLSwain says:

    I miss you two so much. I don’t know what i’m going to do.

  23. thurman1996 says:

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    Thank You For Your Time

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    God Bless :)

  24. Sammi4561 says:

    half my heart will always feel empty without you here );
    theres not a day where you dont cross my mind.

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