LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

Buy now glnk.it Music video by LMFAO performing Party Rock Anthem featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock. (c) 2011 Interscope


  1. AmigasForeverify says:

    Lmfao tienes que venir a Chile :D Teee Amamos ahi Muchoss Fansclub!  de LMFAO vengan a Chilee Porfaaaa!!!!!!1 Los amamosss

  2. xxlarkxx says:

    Every day we’re shufflin’ in goldshire

  3. Puneje16 says:

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  4. elainegoesribeiro says:

    esse e bom em

  5. quensel0 says:

    @DIANA2000LoveMJ how dare you have a name called diana2000lovemj and you know nothing about music, im sry this is not hip hop

  6. xion61 says:

    did i just see some of the quest crews in this video?

  7. thecarolina1216 says:

    my likeee !!

  8. angrybird1980 says:

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  9. survivorfan8643 says:

    i despise this song so much

  10. martijn140187 says:

    everyday im snuffeling

  11. quensel0 says:

    @DIANA2000LoveMJ fuck outta here dickhead

  12. Theexplosivellama22 says:

    an epic legend of two lonely surviors of the party rock era take on the greatest chalenge yet, I’M SEXY AND I KNOW ITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. IstCyber says:

    Personal Subscribe to my channel = D

  14. OnlineMixtapeKing says:

    Check out Gene-P – Mettaphorically Speaking … VIDEO IS ON MY CHANNEL.

  15. MrVadRiver says:

    they need to work on plantations

  16. DIANA2000LoveMJ says:

    @olympiakarag7 ??? When I pressed D nothing really happened.

  17. DIANA2000LoveMJ says:

    @quensel0 You are a shit.This song is awesome.

  18. DIANA2000LoveMJ says:

    @PAChardstyleshfl WRONG.It’s hip hop cool.

  19. quensel0 says:

    hopefully in 2012 the party music shit will die down a small

  20. DIANA2000LoveMJ says:

    @MrVadRiver They are incorrect just like you.

  21. ChrisLeRoy97 says:

    @cheesyplaystation his son

  22. Leeeo1597 says:

    Party Rock is in the hoouse tonight (8)

  23. Pyrael says:

    Pills here.

  24. IdiotNuberOne says:

    are you a terrorist ?
    do you have a problem with bin laden ?

  25. PAChardstyleshfl says:

    Remember when shuffling was techno shit. Now its gay hip hop.

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