Lux Aeterna – Requiem For A Dream – Fingerstyle Guitar

Available at the following online stores: iTunes – AmazonMP3 – Tabs pile: (Note: I only have tabs available for an original song called “Dark Star” at this time: ) – I could by no means know the message of this film. It’s either: DON’T do drugs! You will lose your arm! or DO drugs! You will date girls like Jennifer Connelly! AEBEBE with a capo on the 4th fret, covering all but the 6th string Filmed with a Canon 7D. Recorded with Logic. Played on a Yairi Alvarez DY70.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Visit to download the tab for this lesson and also to check out other blues guitar lesson videos. This lesson teaches you how to play a Robert Johnson inspired Delta blues song. The song is played fingerstyle with the right hand – no pick was used.


  1. Adnan Nuspahic says:

    In case you haven’t seen the best blog in the planet here you go :)

  2. Manxer91 says:

    That was incredible !

  3. lineagegto says:


  4. Juana Nicolas says:

    yes, i know, but its hard (._. )

  5. AcousticLabs says:

    Thanks, Ryan! It’s one recording. In all my videos there isn’t a single sound you don’t see played :) The effect in this one is a reverb effect native to Logic Pro 9 called Empty Church.

  6. cesar crow says:

    congratulations I’ve by no means seen a guy playing the guitar

  7. Qwuarter says:

    I just wanna say: OH-MY-FUCKING-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. melknipe says:

    i like this song and you play it perfectly. well done!

  9. Element75100 says:

    Where is the song sheet or keys on how to play this?

  10. Faris nazar says:

    fucking incredible!

  11. TNIheb says:

    Man i don’t have words to describe my feelings !!

  12. jaminson533 says:

    if u were really dying to learn these songs u could just watch really closely and keep pausing and writing down on tab what u see.

  13. Juana Nicolas says:

    I wanna learn how to play like that :D Awesome!!! <3

  14. DeathThrashVarela09 says:

    Hey dude is best in guitar!!! Awesome!!

  15. Erdem Çalışkan says:

    Greatest cover ever. Could you please do more from Clint Mansell? Such as The Fountain.

  16. Dharshanth Kumar says:

    2:36 blew my mind!!

  17. matt007gehrig says:

    Like it, nice reverb effects too.

  18. Inkcorperated says:

    super awesome.!

  19. Kevin Fabian Quintero says:

    brutalmente genial

  20. daarkwolf1 says:

    you are asian ? 

  21. TheNercis says:

    Exquisito… No hay otra forma de expresarlo.

  22. chibininja1331 says:

    This is… It’s just… Dude I like it!!

  23. MarLeySamuel says:

    This is awesome

  24. Dharshanth Kumar says:

    Sungha Jung beat this!!!

  25. Dharshanth Kumar says:

    this is how they please the GODS in heaven…excellent job AcouticLabs..loved how you place the capo..!!

  26. jake harmer says:

    they have an iconic sound no guitar these days can re-make. it’s weird.

  27. rrrrockin says:

    top shelf eXcellent and cool man

  28. 101SLASH101 says:

    thank you very much!! brilliant lesson

  29. donluke578 says:

    Brilliant lesson Brian……looking forward to more of your stuff….!!

  30. getkristan says:

    If he’s been playing his whole life and still cant “impress” any non-guitar players, then I don’t reckon it’s the picking style that should be blamed.

  31. grunntalll says:

    you wanna learn to fingerpick to impress people that dont know how to play? Come on man

  32. PeluMaad says:

    That sounds more like St Louis inflected Robert Johnson than Patton-House Delta stuff…..but I LOVE that guitar.

  33. alexander1977ish says:

    Fantastic lesson, fantastic hat as well! i grew up linking cincy and dayton.

  34. bernhardt2 says:

    nice lesson, too terrible you don’t exactly show us what u are playing in the beginning, it sounds different when i do exactly as you say :) but anyway it allready sounds vgood, and I appreciate the effort you place in the video :)

  35. river2sky says:

    i need lighter strings….ouch

  36. Tim Sparks says:

    Excellent playing but I really like your sound!

  37. Effivera says:

    Fantastic! I just subscribed to your channel. thank you.

  38. Vodoley1951 says:

    как можно научиться без табулатур? Только если ты гений ловишь на лету.

  39. burnindownthehouse says:

    This fingerpicking is just so hard for me cuz I played with a pick my whole life. I am so frustrated. I wish I woould have learned fingerstyle guitar first before culture with a pick because people who don’t play guitar often reckon fingerpicking sounds more complex and they are impressed by it.

  40. activemelody says:

    It’s an ancient 1920s Stately Parlor Acoustic Guitar.. made in Chicago. Not sweet but plays well.

  41. 12Radius says:

    Very cool for blues . nice job on lesson

  42. activemelody says:

    It’s a 1920s era Stately guitar. Not in very excellent shape, but fun to play.

  43. RJADVids says:

    Any chance of doing a video of how to play John Lee Hooker’s Boogie Chillen?

  44. Jimaagh says:

    I wanna quite my job and just play the blues, no kidding I’m serious

  45. 12Radius says:

    Nice. what guitar you do you use here?

  46. provokhatib says:


  47. Laserfilepe says:

    Fantastic lesson. Can’t wait to get out to my shop and start praticing it. I do reckon I will break down and buy a metronome. Keeping that base note will be a challenge!
    Thanks and keep it up

  48. mireguitarsolo says:

    Well clarified!

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