Mama Let Him Play – Doucette

Lead guitar to the Doucette classic.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. calinder403 says:

    not sure why this clip has more views than the ones of Jerry himself playing it…

  2. 416234765 says:

    Rock on Dude, that kicked ass, damn excellent!

  3. gdec3 says:

    frikkin awsome dude.well done

  4. mr10169michael says:

    Only one word is needed to describe this solo, “EXCELLENT”

  5. spiderdave6 says:

    That was some excellent guitar playin,wow you nailed it. Thanks

  6. spiderdave6 says:

    @abbyguy I would have to agree,that says it all.That was awesome,fantastic guitar player

  7. razzledashdazzle says:

    terrible ass

  8. crabboyjimmy says:

    FUCKIN A  Play it brotha, bend those strings :-)

  9. Clerpents says:

    Tabs plz

  10. newfiekitchenparty says:

    Sweet J@#$%^& You are AMAZING…. Best I have EVER heard this played. I reckon I like your translation better :) ) GREAT JOB Man … WOW

  11. inlikeflnt says:

    I’ve seen Jerry do it a small different but I like the way that you do it. If you’re gonna cover something do it as excellent or better and you have my friend…live long and flourish.

  12. OnfloorAudio says:

    My ancient band used to play this song , and i learned most of the solo , and impromptu the rest , but this guys got er down 100 % !! Nice playing man !!

  13. abbyguy says:

    @SlackinTunes : Your an idiot.

  14. plkenny says:

    Holy sh*t! Well done, my excellent man!

  15. aspee45 says:

    Not only a GREAT job, but you made it look effortless!! I’M FREAKIN’ JEALOUS!!! LOL Oh well, back to practicing!!! Thanks for posting man! Again, EXCELLENT!!

  16. nightrain766 says:

    Props bro ….that was super tight right there. Fantastic tune….professionally done bra.

  17. dougs2112 says:

    :59 to 1:13 blows me away….LOVE those hammer ons!

  18. executivegmail says:

    right god on guitar,, many thanks for the vid !,,, so,, whats your tale,, why or ,, if you are like me,, wha happen,, why are you not on stage and well-known,, well,, you doubtless are on stage, but,, what happen?? so many chances,, whats your tale?

  19. spike166063 says:

    man now that boy can hack, this has been a pet of mine forever. this is so excellent to see hack on bro

  20. SuperStratoblaster says:

    well done sir

  21. SlackinTunes says:

    FAKE and GAY air guitaring

  22. bigdgt06 says:

    ….I don’t compliment people very often because quite frankly…..they don’t deserve it….well….THAT, my friend…….was sweet damn excellent…..well done……

  23. mustwinder says:

    Nice man, always loved that solo!!

  24. witchman1 says:

    Nicely done, did you learn that from a tab or by ear?

  25. 19Firebird68 says:

    Jerry doucette was at my hockey game :D Here In B.C Canada! He was talking to my dad!

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