Mastodon Show How to Play “Divinations” Guitar Lessons

For more of this lesson check out Mastodon guitarists Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds show you how to play their latest hit “Divinations” in this special Guitar Planet video lesson.


  1. metalkeith73 says:

    Holy shit that was three and a half minutes of sonic devastation. m/m/

  2. Sumoterapi says:

    Noone.. ever.. anywhere.. at any time… needs to call mr. petrucci…. and smallest amount of all Mastodon… ever…. at all… ok, then…

  3. calbone1215 says:

    hi im brent…and im bill and we arent gunna teach ya shit so just watch us play this badass song!

  4. silenttristo says:

    This video should be called “Mastodon Show You That You Can’t Play Divinations”.

  5. slash92able says:

    Being human: you’re doing it incorrect

  6. fievelcafe says:


  7. 07NathaH says:

    Not everyone with a freaking beard is Zach Galifianakis…

  8. dannyboy993218 says:

    after that fantastic lesson i know exactly how to play this now!

  9. stratocaster1986able says:

    As simple as that.

  10. mattyglen87 says:

    they fuck up at 2:51, and they re-edit it haha

  11. JAB0NK0 says:

    talk about muddy tone, i like you mastodon but you need to give john petrucci a call

  12. grooms63941 says:

    That was part of Divinations lol.

  13. xwhite2020 says:

    cool lesson, I’m of to the bedroom to practice. I should have it down by ahh…….2099

  14. campkilldavy says:

    SG with a bar, wtf awesome.

  15. hetfield4president says:

    It´s also Divinations. It´s the Verse you can hear in the video!

  16. RockinRollinRyan says:

    is it me or do they look like gingers here

  17. Metalhonved says:

    whats the intro songs title?

  18. wicksvo91 says:

    That 12 inch Treble Hook in the social class really fits……

  19. daiselol says:

    excellent call, haha

  20. DreamTheaterPT says:

    Matherfact, it was a Brent mistake, no Bill :)

  21. daiselol says:

    haha, bill got off.

  22. inscrutablewut says:

    No doubt. It’s a lot less flash than some other techniques but this riffing and soling id BEAST

  23. crunkalac says:

    no fault to bill but i cant stop staring at brents awesomeness

  24. 90038jhon says:

    Holy sh*t.

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