MattyBRaps – That’s The Way (Official Music Video)

BUY “THAT’S THE WAY” ON iTUNES NOW! Hi B Boys and B Girls! Thanks so much for watching the official music video for my new single, “That’s The Way!” This whole project has been an absolute BLAST! I recently came in contact with this really cool group of UGA students who…
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  1. DinaLoves MattyB says:

    i like him,ya like him..various opinion (:

  2. MJLatisha says:

    Why Justin Bieber? THIS IS LITTLE EMINEM!

  3. slhorn99 says:

    He is not as excellent as jb so shut up. Hes ok not the best

  4. Justin Martineau-Tanguay says:

    Better than Justin Bieber ! U will be well-known in few years !

  5. Maaryne59 says:

    @claralol19 Jte comprend.. (:

  6. Maaryne59 says:

    Jle keaf! Il chante trop bien et il est mignion en plus! <3

  7. noaazar80 says:

    I’m danceing like everything i hear this

  8. johnduval1122 says:

    does mathew ever get to see these comments

  9. johnduval1122 says:

    Maethew i got your back on here dont worrie aboutt them reckon of your signing and writing.

    your excellent keep up the excellent work kido.

    o i did a writing projic on you. would you want me to send it to you. if so

  10. johnduval1122 says:

    The people that pick on you ignore them your really excellent at signing. The one’s that say your lamo are doom because your making the money and there sitting there on there chair. i write as well and i sing im really excellent so i know how all the people get and stuff. And the girl’s all want you. I know that because they want ever sgner. that make’s the cash.
    them message me

  11. johnduval1122 says:

    Dont Worrie about what other people reckon of you. just be who your want to be. your singing gets me up in the morning. i’ll wake up and place you on..

  12. Jen Emma says:

    I know you’re going to get very well-known, even at your age you’re an incredible rapper! No one knows how you’ll be in ten years!!! :O :)

  13. claralol19 says:

    jle kiff *

  14. BumInSuit says:

    Fuck justin whiner, MattyB forever

  15. AjlaBieberStyles says:

    Come on…he will by no means be better then J.B. I mean his excellent,he i scute,he sings excellent but J.B. ….I like this boy,but I adore Justin so stop lying he will by no means be better then J.B. mabye someday he will bw almoast excellent as J.B. but NEVER better
    PS:Like you M.B. <3

  16. heeijou says:


  17. glennbaughman1 says:

    Like the attitude

  18. kayln159 says:


  19. miguel roa says:

    Ha the stout lady !!!

  20. lights143ice says:

    I like your smile.. your the only person I know who can rock braces.. you have an incredible talent.. keep going.. and by no means give up! <3 [:

  21. Kacey012499 says:

    Soooooooo talented and cute JB watch out 

  22. skillexx479 says:

    Reallllyyyyy talented

  23. 123grisom says:

    You are the cutest I want to be in one of your videos I like your voice and how you make songs fun your gonna go far!

  24. skillexx479 says:

    Rivebri21 WTF

  25. david hamrick says:

    you are really talented i reckon you would be a Nice person to hang with and am a person who lisens to you all day and night your the most talanted kid i no<3

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