Meet the Medic

Not every mad doctor lives in a castle surrounded by villagers with pitchforks. Sometimes they live in the trenches, where there’s plenty of spare parts flying around and a pressing need to get inventive with them.

Film clip for song State Of The Art, from the album Making Mirrors Buy/pre-order Making Mirrors here Directed and animated by Greg Sharp & Ivan Dixon at Rubber House Music credits: Produced by Wally De Sponsor Mixed by Francois Tetaz, helped by Wally at Moose Mastering, Richmond, VIC, Australia Lowrey Cotillion choir, banjo, Genie Bass, custom flute presets, diapason, Orchestral Symphonizer, Magic Swing Piano, drums, percussion, bass, guitar and synth samples, lead and backing vocals: Wally Contains samples of Green Is the Mountain as performed by Frances Yip. Used courtesy of EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd *************************** When the Cotillion arrived We threw out the television Model D 575 Has custom flute presets And Harmony-Plus in addition Now for an arm and a leg We get three half-dozen beats to choose from So now we can pretend That there’s an orchestra in the loungeroom I place the Genie Bass on So my left hand can play the choir With 16ft Diapason And Lowrey’s patented Orchestral Symphonizer Banjo’s fantastic on repeat The kids want to play but they’ll have to be patient The wife can’t help tapping her feet It’s a genuine home entertainment revelation State of the art (Hold the phone, it’s so) State of the art [Take note to the difference!] (Oh my god, it’s so) State of the art [By use of a computer] State of the art Now we don’t want to go out When we could spend the night at home with the Cotillion
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  1. ptelg says:

    @jamesroot9777 Can’t wait until it really happens.

  2. GeIsTeRwEiSbRoT says:

    I like how he is wearing gloves when killing other people, but not when operating :3

  3. amcdaniel97 says:

    @ezekgta4fan If you take note carefully he says “I AM PULLING THROUGH!”

  4. Scorpionn777 says:

    @jamesroot9777 Anti russian and racist ?

  5. Sharx64 says:

    What happens when i play medic –> 3:03
    Everyone dies… except snipers.

  6. Sharx64 says:

    @jamesroot9777 Finally United!

  7. nokkk9 says:

    @crisphate95 , no it doesnt

  8. jibbaren2 says:


  9. crisphate95 says:

    1:53 Really, it does grow back.

  10. xaflu says:

    The Scout isn’t wearing his grey backpack in this :D

  11. ibpwngckc says:

    In real life: The Medic Would ignore the very nearly dead Demoman and Scout and just heal the Heavy. Medics like kill assists.

  12. jamesroot9777 says:

    A German and a Russian standing on top of a pile of dead Americans.. seems legit.

  13. ezekgta4fan says:

    Those are rockets :P

  14. BloodHunter669 says:

    @SecondlifeAceDeir Scout’s hands aren’t injured its sports tape

  15. Garisseon says:

    @thakillernl the edic doesn’t have the uber ”reciever” yet. the heavy is his first test subject.

  16. Kkammiee says:

    @yma3591 I always play as the medic. :D

  17. SecondlifeAceDeir says:

    @Phoncible1995 same thing with scouts hands

  18. Kkammiee says:

    @Phoncible1995 His eye is cursed.

  19. Kaitokidishere says:

    odd seems like they used the quick fix instead of the medi gun o3o

  20. hcalmijebi says:

    The medigun also fixes clothing, don’t become a tailor

  21. thakillernl says:

    why was the medic not bulletproof :O?

  22. PenguinCOD says:

    medic is so dum like rictofen of nazi zombies

  23. illegalgamer101 says:

    “what was noise?” got to like it

  24. savt16 says:

    Why in video is a Quick-fix, but it have uber like Normal Medi-gun? :D 

  25. JohnnyJackPompolla says:

    This is my pet song of the album… Well, every song on “Making Mirrors” is my pet.

  26. XelosTheChamp says:

    I guess, Gotye wanna say us, that all the technical stuff will rule us someday, if we’re not precise!

  27. trittymate says:

    @Fintwon I don’t know about a message as such, but the song is really about an organ that his parants bought him for a hundred bucks at a second hand pile. Called a Lowrey Cottilion I reckon it was.

  28. hardsequencer94 says:

    i like that ‘what the fuck did I just watch’ feeling I get from some of his vids … ok ok … most of his vids

  29. TheMateusrex says:

    This song really makes the album complete and really worth buying.

  30. IMIntaelligaend says:

    I´m dizzy now…

  31. Fintwon says:

    I feel like there is a message here but I can’t really know it.

  32. PawPawKitteh says:

    @1011010100011 I reckon I’m melting too…

  33. PawPawKitteh says:

    @littlearcticmonkey Small side note: You spell it “Thumbs” not “Thumps”

  34. caaapslock89 says:

    Polacy, a wy gdzie?

  35. Gozza0000 says:

    By far my favourite song from Making Mirrors. Just pure musical genius :)

  36. Gauruwolf says:

    the grooviest aweomet song on the makingmirrors album!!!! so awesome!!! alle these different sounds in one awesome mix! and the lyrics have even soe amusing parts (for those who make electronic music with PCs)

  37. icyflamer says:

    OMG floating robot baby!!!!

  38. TyeNee says:


  39. Hollo4ever says:

    Hey sub to my channel

  40. funglegunk says:

    A tasty visual and aural feast. Absolutely like it!

  41. AaronJohnson1 says:

    I was absorbed by a psychotic electric piano once.

  42. leighatkins22 says:

    The wife has hideous shoes XD

  43. leighatkins22 says:

    @nowaformula I suppose it can seem less fascinating than his other stuff until you’ve seen the small doco ‘Making State of the Art’ (or any of the docos really). It makes the song suddenly fascinating when you see the process & find out what went into it. I reckon he should make small docos for all his songs as well as the choices for the accompanying animations. I have so many questions about the origins & evolution of some of the filmclips. Fabulous stuff Gotye – all of it!

  44. HumorForDays says:

    fantastic video!

  45. littlearcticmonkey says:

    Because Gotye shows with every song and every video that he’s not just a musician, but also a fantastic artist.

  46. littlearcticmonkey says:

    Thumps up if Joe Jonas didn’t get you here and thumps up if you’re not here, because Gotye’s ‘Somebody that I used to know’ is played on the radio linking Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, but

  47. pageygeeza says:

    One thing I have to say for Gotye is that he puts a LOT of thought into what he does. Each of his songs has a unique tale all of it’s own. Won’t get any of that with idiots singing about being in clubs or pulling women. XD

  48. NeonEmoTears says:

    My brother got “Making Mirrors” on iTunes for me.
    I didn’t know who Gotye was…
    My brother made a excellent choice.

  49. Staticbeats says:

    @crxsi666 you need skillz for that

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