Metallica – One

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  1. rad29754 says:


  2. janegary224 says:

    People just don’t know that they are the future

  3. TheLiMaHe says:

    West Memphis 3. 

  4. outsiderzzzz says:

    this & “thriller” which was the first music video i ever saw when i was 4 years ancient are tied, brother.

  5. manosman97 says:

    -What is democracy?
    It’s got something to do with childish men killing each other. This makes me weep since I am Greek and Greeks invented the general concept.

  6. TheColboy23 says:

    2 772 people take note to Justin Bieber.

  7. MilanB24 says:

    Najbolji dan u mom životu… :) )

  8. Chrybez says:

    This is a sampel of ancient GREAT music… Fantastic music that etc Justin bieber destroys…

  9. postigaceltic says:

    Rock inglobes Metal and Lars often refers to Metallica as a rock band so it isn’t a really inadequate term.

  10. Forevirknight says:

    They aren’t rock. They are metal. Get your facts right bro.

  11. kyme32 says:

    one of the best rock band ever
    you can’t call rocker if you don’t like even 1 song of them, they are epic…and with regrets…nobody will be like them

  12. JazArvizu says:


  13. qwerty32602 says:

    Pokidali su na Uscu sa ovom pesmom !

  14. shqipeAl says:

    2,768 shoe makers hit the incorrect button huh bumms !

  15. Dolouren says:

    ONE of their best songs ever!!

  16. TheRockOnDude123 says:


  17. madiaw2000 says:


  18. PhilwilDon says:

    THUMBS UP! nu talaga nga hardcore tayu ah!!

  19. Metallica4life1231 says:

    GOT TO LOVE THE FUCKING BEST BAND EVER. ALWAYS WILL BE. METALLICA.! check out my channel you guys. my band member and i place up the first song we have done. we are heavily inspired by thrash. WE FUCKING HATE SCREAMO EMO GAY BULLSHIT QUEERS and their music. so check it out if you’re a thrash lover! hopefully you like it. Delight in

  20. pathan92 says:

    Ain’t no feel in dis music u kno dis just ain’t gud, u all cray 4 like this gay music Lil Wayne Mac Miller 4sho, the name is Nussie, don’t forget it.


  21. alexander16239 says:

    i like this song

  22. SchlafAishteru says:

    No había amado tanto una canción hasta que escuhé esta. Ohh yeah es muy buena. I like it.

  23. KarKzas says:

    It’s not a video, this is a movie called “Jhonny Took His Gun”, an antibelicist movie. And Metallica, instead of pay for the rigths of use, bougth the rigths of the movie!! yes, Metallica is the owner!

  24. KrazeeCain says:

    You have a point there, I would have LOVED to see hendrix live. But I shall settle for live recordings.

  25. SakuraAvalonBleac25 says:

    Oh i didnt know this, I like this video to.
    Will have to read the book and watch the movie :D

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