MikelWJ Music – (Friendship Song) “Best Friend” (Original Song By MikelWJ) Official Lyric Video

Download my first album on iTunes at this link! itunes.apple.com A Song about the relationship linking two friends and the hard times that they go through. ORIGINAL SONG WRITTEN AND RECORDED BY MIKELWJ. LINKS: follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com add me on facebook: www.facebook.com like me on facebook: www.facebook.com follow me on tumblr: www.mikelwj.tumblr.com


  1. sergentmajor23 says:

    im sorry dude but your really just fucked up do the funky munky

  2. DoTheFunkyMunky says:

    Im sorry but this song is fuckin dumb…

  3. 1501chelz says:

    This song made me weep produce i lost the someone and you have a way with your words I LOVE THE SONG

  4. TeenSteeps says:

    its incredible song that i wont to dedicate my best friends .S,K,S,S…. JUST WONT TO SAY THAT.. YOU’RE everything what a person neeed….

  5. FirePrinceLuten says:

    This brings me to tears because my best friend died in 2009 in Iraq :’(

  6. Jaydensmama19 says:

    I am loosing my best friend right now and it hurts. She has gotten me through some tough stuff in the last 4 years.

  7. Brookadie says:

    youre incredible:)

  8. mace4167 says:

    I have 7 BEST friends. But there this one who I’ve known since I was 3 and he just gets me so well. Ps like this songg

  9. taylord3ful says:

    My best friend Billy brown stirred away and this is me and him… I like and miss you Billy Brown…

  10. taylord3ful says:

    I just lost my best friend Billy Brown and I lison and weep… I like you billy brown…

  11. Chiedendo says:

    OMG! You read my mind! Your songs are my problems!..

  12. R4LStijn says:

    Damn, just lost my best friend… This is gorgeous

  13. amnasofiabff says:

    this is the bomb. really awesome

  14. amnasofiabff says:

    thumbs up for this song……..

    like itttttttttt

  15. gleefreek101 says:

    Excellent job! This is my bff and my song:) YAY

  16. zanehses says:

    place this on itunes, id buy it

  17. zanehses says:

    you deserve so many more views, your incredible!

  18. lildrift559 says:

    You sang the hook?

  19. kjaalto says:

    Fantastic song! Cute graphics and timings!! Luv’d it!

  20. zaveyboy says:


  21. NewAgeEntertainments says:

    Really feeling this… Your prove has improved so much man & I liked the chorus to!


  22. cassandrahb says:

    So gorgeous! Why aren’t you well-known yet!? <3 Loved the chorus!

  23. JennieLeeC says:

    Yesss now I can memorize this and pretend I’m MWJ!!! Woo woot!!!

  24. Vegiemoon says:

    I liked it Mikel :D 

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