Motörhead – Ace of Spades (Slow Acoustic)

Fantastic new translation of the Motörhead classic. It’s a slow acoustic translation of the original song with Lemmy playing harmonica instead of the bass, and Phil playing acoustic guitar, with a slide all through the solo. This new translation certainly has a very bluesy feel to it, and Lemmy’s well-known vocals are really complemented by the acoustic track and the slow tempo. The song was re recorded for a Kronenbourg money-making. The song was up for download on Kronenbourg’s official UK site, but apparently ran out of downloads. They are tiresome to get more up, but will take Learn To Play:Six Feet Under The Stars[Acoustic]-All Time Low-On Guitar” href=””>time. The website (check back every now and then to see if they got it effective again!): I am in no way associated with or take credit for this track. Ownership belongs to the creators of this track
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. JorgeCSARG says:

    This is how they made it: watch?v=bN0RDA4yzBA

  2. LunchBox5510 says:

    i like his voice

  3. steve7024 says:

    @MapBusters I’m seeing them in a week, by the side of with Megadeth, Volbeat, and Lacuna Coil :D

  4. markyacdc says:

    that’s why he have sex with so many chicks , his voice is fucking incredible

  5. Juninho1997ification says:

    still badass

  6. MapBusters says:

    @mrbarleymob I couldent hear for 4 days afterwards when i first saw them live (Wolverhampton UK Nov 2nd 2011)

  7. TheSwitchCleaner1978 says:

    A GEM

  8. markstacechris says:

    Lemmy’s said before that Motorhead’s as much a blues band as anything. Proves it here. He’s awesome. Long life to him.

  9. o00000000o000000000o says:

    i brought myself here.

  10. MrWebbo14 says:

    Like it !

  11. AllanRawrz says:

    @N2hvits Very nearly instant for me on 1080p :p

  12. mrbarleymob says:

    @joel2ksweet zzzzzzzzz

  13. mrbarleymob says:

    @737378 by no means seen him live then?

  14. mrbarleymob says:

    @Dogo10 idiot…nuff said.

  15. danielbarret1025 says:

    I want this video on my U7310 phone.

  16. manfromdelmontesays says:


  17. manfromdelmontesays says:

    fuck yes!

  18. themudball says:

    how many dislikes does this video have!!!

  19. TheTyryshkin says:


  20. vinni40k says:

    @KINGDINGLEDORK *sigh* trollers gotta troll

    let’s see who’s still epic in 10 years, we’ll be waiting to accept your apology


    Justin Bieber takes a huge stinky poopy and Lemmy eats that stinky poopy because Justin Bieber’s stinky poopy has more talent than Lemmy.

  22. sixlanesofsteel says:

    “I don’t wanna live forever… but apparently I am” lol classic

  23. sethash540 says:


  24. Dogo10 says:

    It ain’t a “slow acoustic” translation, its a “blues” translation ok? They’re playing the blues. Sweet music.

  25. MrAleSambora says:

    Wonderfull translation… 

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