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  1. angadado1 says:

    like u

  2. MrSullivan619 says:


  3. vnzabyz1 says:

    I LOVE YOU! This is fantastic, thank you! <3 :)

  4. xander0555 says:

    damn……..ur good…!!dude>??/!!!!!

  5. OmletteDuFromage1 says:

    it’s gonna be 4, 6, fuck, 6

  6. domeee11 says:

    @ceslestrialfairy i play the guitar everyday 4 hours tops. in 2 weeks i can play barre already :)

  7. nailguitar says:

    @ceslestrialfairy Yep Bar Chords take some work. Just persist and you will get there eventually :) A~

  8. LeHair says:

    @ceslestrialfairy They’re hard, but try rolling your fiddle with so more of the side of it is pressing the strings insted of the soft part of the fiddle with. Also, go your fiddle with quicker to the fret wire and make your hand/wrist at less of a sharp angle. It’ll help, but the rest is just practice.

  9. ceslestrialfairy says:

    oh i like this song! suck at barre chords so much so it will take a lot of practice. I always mute the strings in barre chords…their annoying to me lol.

  10. Chestertsang says:

    0:12, wow…so cute

  11. Chestertsang says:

    0:12, wow…

  12. allWeAre02 says:

    awesome! How about Jessie J’s Price Tag ? it would help alot of people, including me! :D

  13. elmepo232 says:

    This is Awesome

  14. bartjoboy says:

    Awesome tutorial, thanks! :D 

  15. echoeren257 says:

    i like all of andy’s guitars <3

  16. kazetehskylord says:


  17. asianboy344 says:

    watch my new dance video and subscribe^^!!!!!

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