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  1. smileysickness says:

    or could you please make one of i gave you all by mumford and sons???

  2. smileysickness says:

    could you please do a video for awake my soul??

  3. Shamed97 says:

    Can you play without capo? :)

  4. TheYetoRieck says:

    @faybocorpuz i thing of a galloping horse, like the bass in knights of cydonia

  5. JDvzs says:

    Thank you so much Marty! And yes a lesson on every Mumford & Sons song would get you infinite loads of respect. I’m not kidding… there would doubtless be an international MartyZ Holiday

  6. lexaladydangerxo says:

    @IndieFan97 YES!!

  7. elephantsonparade321 says:

    @IndieFan97 ABSOLUTELY YES.

  8. CoolKidsInMaine says:

    yeah, im sweet sure you should do a lesson on every single mumford and sons song.. just saying.

  9. bilsterbee says:

    @zboosh22 did u check the top of your guitar? :o

  10. gt14199 says:

    I reckon that you should do a lesson on Thistle and Weeds by Mumford and Sons. Thank you kind sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

  11. ihopeyouredoinfine says:

    @ProTipsWalkthroughs If a string has been tuned to a certain note long enough, like E, and if you tune it down too quick, then the sudden release in tension is enough to break the string. The string gets too settled in to it’s note.

  12. Cogdem says:

    simple thanks

  13. mgiaco1 says:

    still dont get it

  14. RonnyNasty says:

    How do I tune it down? !

  15. thenewcreatures says:

    @MultiGreen67 yes you can use a capo with an electric guitar, and if you don’t change your tuning it would doubtless be damn hard to play. Although there are doubtless different versions (with different tabs) for a standard tuning. I wasn’t a huge fan of alternate tunings either, but they’re really nothing to be too frightened of. Gl.

  16. MultiGreen67 says:

    Do I have to change the tuning, like, would it still sound decent enough with normal tuning? Also, can I use a capo with an electric guitar?

  17. giofato says:

    please teach me “Starry Stairs” by Okkervil River.


  18. kylkelly says:

    Hey could you do Vultures - John Mayer. Confused

  19. snarejaguar1 says:

    My guitar is on the opposite side of town!!!!!

  20. ProTipsWalkthroughs says:

    @Unit1Band how did it snap tuning down?

  21. Unit1Band says:

    grr, freaking snapped my low e string tryna tune it to D…

  22. Maxter205 says:

    Please do some Two Door Cinema Club tutorials! Thank you!

  23. mrcurlywurly100 says:

    Sweet jesus!

  24. faybocorpuz says:

    Can someone tell me how to nail that pulsing strum? Tips or anything.

  25. basoon91 says:

    um how in the planet do you strum that freaking quick

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