‘Na Na Na’ by My Chemical Romance – Guitar Riff Tutorial – How To Play Guitar Lessons + Tab

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  1. ai133n7 says:

    I like the way you say Na Na Na

  2. MrMexicansamurai says:

    What is this tuned to D: I’m sweet sure it’s drop D but I dunno

  3. xxxBVBFall3nAng3Lxxx says:

    Cool! :) 

  4. nr2237 says:

    @Shocksword500 i am culture on acoustic too. my electric is a peice of shit that i cant really use, but its my peice of shit <3

  5. Tsmurf97 says:

    Excellent lesson, lets learn something by A7X {Avenged sevenfold}

  6. adrienthebadass says:

    got it

  7. SuperHansonbrothers says:

    my name is andy to

  8. frenchynafro says:

    i like this, ive by no means had a guitar lesson in my life and now i can play this!

  9. Jamesbond22855 says:

    Wheres the pickup at on this guitar anyway? In the neck or something? Bridge? Below the pickgaurd? Im confused

  10. ResurrectedCinema says:

    Lol at 4:10 your like alright let’s do this shit

  11. death2JustinBeiber says:

    r u useing a pick at the beginning?????

  12. msynystergate says:

    Sevenfold sevenfold LOL!

  13. SuperHansonbrothers says:

    @PeacockMilk ummmm 1375 people liked it

  14. BBB4977 says:

    I am immensely confizzled…

  15. mAnclTy says:

    If you get a 100 likes?? LAWL what does 1000 get? :3

  16. MikeJWhitehouse says:

    if u want to get your amp like that you can place it on channel 3 distortin then palm mute a lil i hav a vox amp so it mite nt work 4 u

  17. serenabashal says:

    @PeacockMilk Im confused.

  18. whatsername1313 says:

    AAF!! American Idiot record in the backround!!

  19. miiLOVEnaa says:

    thank you soo much thiss helped sooooooo much :D ur the best!!!!

  20. PeacockMilk says:

    Why have only 15 people liked this?!

  21. weidner97 says:

    nice sound dude are u using any pedals

  22. FallOfBloodTears says:

    I’m cursed with small hands so I can’t play it properly -.-

  23. ChilotteGoesCrazy says:

    Can’t u PLEASE make more MCR songs lessons ??

  24. liverpooljim87 says:

    @MrMusicofthefuture It hightens the pitch of the guitar

  25. Guitarlife761 says:

    Can you teach walk by foo battalion please!!

  26. STJDWT says:

    Marty can you teach us “my hero” by foo battalion!

  27. Vote4Pedro6425 says:

    Whenever I’m tiresome to learn a song on Youtube and Marty is the first search result, in my head I’m like “YES! MARTY!”

  28. MrMusicofthefuture says:

    what does a capo do?

  29. achmedda3rd says:

    @anonymoman LOL!!! dont reckon they have that in the US, but yeh i’d like to see that too!

  30. anonymoman says:

    Hey Marty, could you try and show the music that introduces the inbetweeners tv show. Acoustic please, I’d really appreciate it

  31. anonymoman says:


  32. ItZzSc0p3sX says:

    Theres a video guide for foo battalion walk, click on the one by promachacker video.

  33. PhillyStyleRocknRoll says:

    Dee dee dee dee dee aminor7 dadadada cmajor. those are the best lyrics ever.

  34. ItalianMobBossTony says:

    @daza152 he is playing from the D string down

  35. xXGears2FTWXx says:

    @Vikings123196 Take note to the recording of it, he sort of slows down and emphasizes the lower strings

  36. daza152 says:

    when you play the D chord are you playing from A string down? Cheers excellent lesson 2 BTW.

  37. WoodgynTrooper15 says:

    DO wALK

  38. animegirl13pain says:

    It’d be nice if you could teach us Excellent Life- OneRepublic
    Also there’s several of Bryan Adams songs i’d <3 to be able to play. Idk if he’s that highly requested, but i’d be pleased with any acoustic Bryan Adams songs :)
    … or Excellent Charlotte. lol
    Thank You!

  39. lizmorris113 says:

    marty ROCKS

  40. TheKaktuskiwi says:

    i dont know many thimes i have to say this, Marty si the best! :D

  41. Guitarlife761 says:

    I want to learn Walk too, PLEASE!!! THANK YOU!

  42. T2Exile says:


  43. goldbikechamp says:

    @rockybalboa761 yeah!!! fcking like that song

  44. ohjidge says:

    @rockybalboa761 YES no one else has a excellent lesson and that song kicks ass! and so does marty so loo how that worked out!

  45. TheDeafElf says:

    how many times do we play the chords in the verse before we go into the chorus and how many times do we play the chords in the chorus?

  46. 8322dbschooltopper says:

    What’s the strumming try out for the chorus

  47. Asylum991 says:

    2nd vote for “Walk” !

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