Nirvana – About a Girl – Easy Acoustic Songs on Guitar – Guitar Lessons

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  1. nerfedtwice says:

    i’ve learned allot from power chords, i mean, i used to do iron man with clarification but then i remembered power chords and it sounds awesome, this songs cool too

  2. LiveForFunny says:

    D: why can’t i play power chords…

  3. FallOfMind says:

    @vulturized No doubts, anytime!

  4. vulturized says:

    @FallOfMind Thanks so much man! Don’t know why that by no means crossed my mind. I was really making tuning my guitar down a half step a lot hard then it needed to be until I just happened to catch your comment. Duh….thanks!

  5. slashguitar8898 says:

    i was done by 0:25 :)

  6. val4y says:

    For all beginners when i got the guitar i watched this lesson and i thought ” I will by no means do this” but if you get Marty’s Ebook, you will learn a lot, now this is simple song for me :P

  7. TTRG29 says:

    how can people dislike his videos he is a legend at guitar

  8. lordxheroth says:

    Condoms cost more than a tuner. -.-

  9. xSceneRock12x says:

    Buy a tuner.. or you can just turn every tune thingy a half step down, but then it’s not perfect x3

  10. KyleEsmonde says:

    you my friend are a legend!

  11. FallOfMind says:

    @LoverElephant97 All you need to do is get a cappo, cover it over the first fret of your guitar, and tune it to normal, than take off the cappo. boom.

  12. nederbassie says:


    Why can’t you tune your guitar in E flat? that couldn’t be that hard if you would have a guitar tuner. If you haven’t is it just by using the fourth fret to tune instead of the fifth

  13. NoasAdventures says:

    @LoverElephant97 I reckon the song sounds fine in standard tuning.

  14. ohjidge says:

    I just had that moment…the moment you catch on and find yourself jamming by the side of with marty…what a excellent teacher you are dude

  15. ohjidge says:

    @LoverElephant97 not right a ton of them are in standard and drop d. teen spirit, polly, and all apologies are in standard as a few examples and heart shaped box is a excellent one in drop d. if you are having problems with tuning you can google search guitar tuners and theres a ton of useful sites.

  16. LoverElephant97 says:

    @PickyyConnor Thanks I’ll try that!

  17. PickyyConnor says:

    @LoverElephant97 Place a capo on the first fret, tune it to standard then take the capo off :)

  18. Anthonythebest1 says:

    @APOQUI go jump off a bridge with your cheap ass Mexican guitar u Beaner

  19. greydit says:

    facebook should bring back the dislike button and youtube sould get rid of it because theres no reson this video should have any dislikes your’re an incredible guitar play marty and i hope you keep doing tutorials because youve help me learn so many songs

  20. khanavor666 says:

    Answer to this video…  no offence marty, your an awsome teacher and ive learnt heaps of songs off you and i thank you for that, but sometimes you seem to get a small off subject for a while and tend to speak half the video, but other wise your awsome =)!!!

  21. khanavor666 says:

    @swindle2345 na, i use eletric guitar

  22. danyjhon117 says:

    @APOQUI  callate pendejo

  23. APOQUI says:

    pinche farol

  24. MrSmellsliketeensprt says:

    @LoverElephant97 i would suggest get a SNARK headstock clip on tuner there one of the best tuners on the market and there sold at guitarcenter

  25. LoverElephant97 says:

    @xLinkinPark1994x The sad fact is that I already own one…

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