Nirvana – Lithium – beginners guitar lesson / tutorial easy song

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  1. KellytheKittyLover says:

    @WarlikeSRK I had the same problem at first but the key to fixing that is: learn how to play each chord individually, and so that they sound clear. Then work up to speed on how quickly you can play the chord. And THEN, practice switching chords, and very slowly so that they sound right. Just don’t try to play full speed until you’re confident you can do it right.

  2. fossilbox1991 says:

    the album translation isnt in D. its tuned a half step down

  3. Nerd4Life182 says:

    That’s an awesome guitar youv’e got there

  4. allansouri says:

    @blindreflex les pauls are my pet body style as well really , but how can u not like this guitar , IT’S SO SHINY!!

  5. Andigangster says:

    @WarlikeSRK same :( but i reckon with some practice we can make it :)

  6. WarlikeSRK says:

    lol beginner guitar, I cant even sitch chords without some kind of buzz noise coming from my guitar or just being way too slow. =(

  7. GintasSakalas says:

    you should do more of giveaways

  8. MySecretWeapon77 says:

    u should teach us how to play WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BY GNR

  9. ShawnNelsonify says:

    i dont have facebook :(

  10. xXDeathReadyXx says:

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  11. blindreflex says:


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  12. xXDeathReadyXx says:

    @blindreflex No. Lick it clean bitch.

  13. xXDeathReadyXx says:

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  14. blindreflex says:

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  15. xXDeathReadyXx says:


  16. blindreflex says:


    yes it is for beginner’s i didn’t say it wasn’t, and yes that’s my taste… Less Paul’s have the best looking body style in my opinion. this one looks,,,, fisher price. ha

  17. xXDeathReadyXx says:

    @blindreflex PleaseDie.

  18. blindreflex says:

    I’m particular about who i learn from. fuck off. WHY DON’T YOU “LEAR” HOW TO TYPE AND SPELL. Not every comment is positive, moron.. he doesn’t just get to the point quick enough. I have a much better looking guitar. that body style looks like a warped mess. sounds excellent but looks like shit. that’s why he is giving it away.. do your really reckon he wants it? just marketing towards bo-tards like yourself so he can make more money for his biz.. you should buy one. Tard.

  19. Versaillect says:

    @blindreflex Hahaha you are very stupid…thats the real reason you cant lear from him! hands up if you agree…And that guitar is beutifull….i supouse you have a better one dont you? LOL

  20. allansouri says:

    @blindreflex this is for beginners and the guitar isnt hideous , that ur taste

  21. MrRocker736 says:

    your way of teaching is the best I’ve found in you tube … I reckon just the opposite of stupid to leave the comment down there, buddy you’re a fantastic guitar teacher ….. Master!

  22. AmericaAguila7 says:

    @Riighted  LOLZ Mars

  23. xXDeathReadyXx says:

    Why do stupid asshats like you come to AWESOME videos like this and try to ruin them with your shitty comments? Stop making things hard. If you dont like a video, HIT THE FUCKING X BUTTON ASSHOLE!! Dont waste space on here with fucking stupid ass comments you small fucking shitty twat.

  24. Ryuguerrand says:

    Thanks for this lesson :)

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