Nuno Bettencourt Style – Quick Licks – Guitar Solo Performance by Andy James – Check Out This Nuno Bettencourt Solo style guitar lesson DVD here. Nuno Bettencourt Guitar solo routine is an extract from the DVD ‘Quick Licks – Nuno Bettencourt’, which teaches you quick rock guitar licks in the style of Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme’s eclectic rock and metal guitarist! Also includes a guitar jam track. For more info click the link – Click theabove link to get three free jam tracks from Next Level Guitar and start ripping it up and practicing these techniques over a fun track! Click link to get a killer groundbreaking new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from In this lesson we teach a killer practice exercise to get you visualizing the neck as one huge scale and scale connections made simple. Then we have a jam with a backing track to apply what you are culture. Jam tracks are an essential practice tool for the guitarist.
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  1. TheSwampstuff says:

    @licklibrary Sure does, thanks!

  2. licklibrary says:

    @TheSwampstuff all our DVDs are full of lessons, Andy James will teach you how to play what your seeing in this routine! Hope that helps?

  3. TheSwampstuff says:

    Looks very cool. I wanna buy the dvd but, is it just playing or has it also got lessons for riffs ‘n stuff? – Thomas

  4. RisdaFabe says:

    @licklibrary Thank you for the information,I BUY I BUY I BUY :D

  5. licklibrary says:

    @RisdaFabe Hi RisdaFabe, unfortunately our DVDs are only taught in English. We will deliver to Italy no problem.

  6. RisdaFabe says:

    I have a question:this book is in Italian? higher than can be shipped to Italy? please tell me you

  7. GuitarMan0704 says:

    Nuno Bettencourt is a really underrated guitarist. After all, Portugal still has something excellent apart of Ronaldo –’

  8. licklibrary says:

    @kostaVHjovanovic Hi kostaVHjovanovic, yes we will post to Serbia! You can order direct from our website!

  9. kostaVHjovanovic says:

    @licklibrary pls can you tell me do you ship in serbia? i want to buy these CDs for a long time

  10. TheMetalhead804 says:

    @licklibrary Thanks guys! ill make sure i order a few DVD’s from you guys as soon as i get a credit card.

  11. licklibrary says:

    @TheMetalhead804 Yep thats what we meant by saying Andy shows you exactly what his playing so you know exactly what to play, but unfortunately we do not provide tab.

  12. TheMetalhead804 says:

    @licklibrary no tabs???? do you at smallest amount say note for note like hit the 3rd fret on the g string?

  13. licklibrary says:

    @TheMetalhead804 Hi there, no unfortunately there is no tab with our DVDs. The dvds are kaput down section by section Andy shows you exactly what to play. We do ship to South Africa – no problem!!

  14. TheMetalhead804 says:

    if i buy this DVD will there be 100% accurate tabs included? please answer. and please make more videos you guys rule =) and will you also ship to south africa?

  15. 6o0 says:

    ltd guitars are not the most expensive ones…He plays like that not because of his guitar, just because he sold his soul to satan;p

  16. JJLipton says:

    @ajvanho007 The guitar Andy is using in this video is far from top tier quality. For a lot of recording they also just use some POD or digital recording contrivance i judge unless otherwise explicitly stated. Right me if i’m incorrect.

  17. DERRRREEERR says:

    there are some dimebag licks if look

  18. 123peaceband123 says:

    You’re so excellent …

  19. JayEm225 says:

    cant get past that lick at 0:13 lol, the order of the clarification and the fingers involved mess me up terrible, the kind of stuff you should be able to play but for some reason, just cant lol, time to practice!

  20. J214 says:

    I like Nuno as a player he is very unique, but when he sees Andy James doing this he must just be like… that guys better than me. James is so clean its crazy.

  21. bergalini says:

    Is there a section in this DVD where it clarifies how to defy the physics of dexterity?

  22. licklibrary says:

    @ajvanho007 Thanks for the comment, we let the tutors teach on whatever guitar they bring in, so its really down to them which ones they use and feel comfortable using. Something to bear in mind is that you dont need the top gear to learn these licks. We have many gear reviews on practice amps and different guitars surrounded by our Guitar Interactive Magazine – which force be worth a look, each review has a video. Hope that helps. If you need anymore help – then dont hestitate to question.

  23. ajvanho007 says:

    It would be excellent if you can make some video where you showing some tips with cheap guitars and amps, produce I doubt we can all aford this top gear.

  24. OCNmeticadpa says:

    @scotto111c The hairband is there to mute the strings so that if you accidentally hit an open string when you’re playing, it doesn’t ring out and produce everything to sound crappy. It’s useful if you’re tiresome to do a quick solo run or something. A lot of bands will doubtless do something similar in the studio.

  25. scotto111c says:

    Just wondering. I see a hair band at the top of the fretboard. Does it help the tone and does placing it on other frets have any other effect?

  26. suprapoowa says:

    Hooooly Crap, this video is GREAT!!!

    Nextlevelguitardotcom 4 President!!!

  27. TianaMarie321 says:

    it made me know more! thanks dude.

  28. DanceGDance says:

    I feel like this is how Slash learned how to play :p

  29. DanceGDance says:

    Wow i’ve kinda been playing like this for years i noticed i’m always playing in the high E string/B and G, and just sticking to one string and coming up with melodies, at first i feared this was really a terrible thing to do because i’m not utilizing all the strings , even if what i come up with sounds really excellent. But to see this video and him telling me what i’m doing is really ok makes me feel more confident and less worried. Such an incredible exercise and should be simpler for me to do thanks!

  30. HackFreeKingdom says:

    @jimmmmybrady Mostly, yes. I didn’t even hear the backing track there at first.

  31. MichaelDesouza14 says:

    I have this guitar Wooooooo :D

  32. jimmmmybrady says:

    @HackFreeKingdom Really I was referring to his opening segment,which was a really out of time disjointed mess.

  33. HackFreeKingdom says:

    @jimmmmybrady It can be hard to keep in time though on one string, having to reposition your entire hand in linking clarification. While I agree, hes got a decent excuse..

  34. ricZ134 says:

    excellent guitar teacher!

  35. jimmmmybrady says:

    …His timing is terrible.Always remember to TAP YOUR FOOT.

  36. Mikerockgod3 says:

    @TheBlackroseEp its called practice

  37. mikeowner2 says:

    damn its sound so excellent i must lean that so time to pick up the guitar :)

  38. Lex2corvis says:

    awesome improv, and quite a excellent lesson, made me pick up the guitar and play it `till my fingertips got so sensible i couldn`t hold my cigarette :] excellent way to practice quitting smoking :D

  39. m3t4lm41d3n says:

    you’re a top teacher dude!

  40. TTanner22 says:

    this video really helped me in my understanding of the scales

  41. tukun3104 says:

    guitar model?

  42. TheBluezInc says:

    03:21 Me: Oh darn it 22 frets only… its okay
    03:30 Me: Damn he got 24 frets and hes smiling at me!!! GRHHH
    JK Your an awesome guy david, Thanks for sharing this with us!

  43. yuchecktsang says:

    This video opened my eyes..

  44. TheBlackroseEp says:

    what kind of pedal would anyone recomend for soloing like this.

  45. RockGuitarSociety says:

    Grea Music Scheme, man. I do judge that you have some nice, simple explanations and fantastic playing! Please do continue posting videos, David. I highly appreciate what you’ve been able to help grasp on music.

  46. Innaband says:

    @GuitarGuy366 Aww man. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. You’ll always run into someone with a more fascinating style no matter how long you’ve been playing. Please don’t place yourself on a shelf yet. Wait another 10 years or so. Peace out!

  47. Innaband says:

    I bet you listened to a lot of Iron Maiden back in the day! :) Glad you’re being a fantastic influence to the youngens! Need more like you in the planet. Fantastic work!

  48. Somaya127 says:

    i like yr music…. n yr teachin
    bt the thin is u speak too much n very slow.. sumtyms i get bored…

  49. GuitarFreakCroatia says:

    @GuitarGuy366 you are maybe better in speed and such stuff but to improvise like him takes years of expirience

  50. MrWoodoop says:

    oldinfant23 you can buy a cheap guitar for less than 100 quid. save up and you can do it :)

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