Papa Roach – Last Resort – Guitar Lesson – How to play Main Riff and Chords – Tutorial

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  1. Suspense202 says:

    can someone tell me what amp settings (around-about) that hes using

  2. AlePPPPPPPPP says:

    which effect??

  3. zT3HViDS says:

    @DeathReady4Ever You can’t spell for crap :L

  4. DeathReady4Ever says:

    @zT3HViDS Stfu asshole.

  5. zT3HViDS says:

    I laugh a the fact that the guitar is worth more than his wedding ring. lol.

  6. amorfura1234 says:

    @TheVegitossj2 and also justin bieber!

  7. xXxTEMPESTxXx1 says:

    Thank you your awesome

  8. EmilDickson says:

    @hkchoi456 I’m sweet sure that’s a Gibson SG and not an Epiphone, dude.

  9. spitfie7K7 says:

    @xxtherockbottomxx do u have a distortion pedle

  10. iRapeCupcake1 says:

    @Defineguitar You’re right. I shall try once more, with a positive attitude..

  11. hkchoi456 says:

    Marty, is the guitar you are playing a epiphone sg g-310 or g-400?

  12. lastresortallday says:

    i learn all my song’s from this guy and this is one of the best song’s he has ever taught……this guy is a beast

  13. HeckYeahIComment says:

    I’m not sure if my mom will like it, but fun as hell to play :) Thaks Marty.

  14. ChrisIzPlaying says:

    Sweet simple riff, fun to play too

  15. xxtherockbottomxx says:

    wish i could get my guitar to sound like that

  16. Eistea1 says:

    haha a real classic in my opinion one of my first songs when I started guitar playing :3

  17. sagauchi says:

    @TimeManInJail it was my first song i learned really, its so simple but you feel so awesome and metal like when you get it

  18. TheVegitossj2 says:

    3:29 for justin bieber fans

  19. brothersofamercia says:

    @TimeManInJail I juss want to master the main riff. Onlybecause of the fact that my wrist won’t allow me to tiwst my hand into the right postion to paly the power cords. I can very nearly play the riff really quick like marty but I have a few problems here and there.

  20. kickyour99 says:

    i like ur vids im half retared and u make it ez for me to fallow cuz when every i try to learn from someone els they go to quick for me and i alwasy get lost

  21. MrSmexyChickenn says:

    sometimes i lie on the floor and pretend im a carrot

  22. Triple280 says:

    he should make a part two i really want too learn more of it.

  23. Amberosescott says:

    Thanks marty

  24. Amberosescott says:

    Thought this was gunna be hard lol

  25. jt33star says:

    your back drops are incredible! lol

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