PART 1 – Eric Clapton Blues Guitar Lesson – Journeyman Style

To download tab and the MP3 jam track to practice with for this lesson (free), go to This lesson is part 1 of 2 in culture how to play a blues guitar lead in the style of Eric Clapton. This lesson incorporates several of the guitar licks that he commonly uses and is built in his phrasing style. This lesson is recommended for intermediate advanced guitar players although a beginner should be able to play by the side of with the first half of this solo.
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  1. Popspicker says:

    Brilliant mate…Gonna study this over and over till I get it…You sound fantastic
    Thanks for the help.

  2. davevar1 says:

    @FordIsBetter MORON

  3. rudolfcicko22 says:


  4. FordIsBetter says:

    @Recovery82 bitch.

  5. Recovery82 says:

    @FordIsBetter Noob

  6. FordIsBetter says:

    @Recovery82 fuck off. I get it already.

  7. mrbluestrings says:

    @Fabioapf Yep, that’s a strat plus. I like these guitars. I had one in green and her name was “Candy”. I miss her so much. She now has a new home in London…lol

  8. Fabioapf says:

    strat plus?

  9. Recovery82 says:

    @FordIsBetter Yes he was, not when he was talking but when he was playing yes. Moron

  10. ThoseGuysable says:

    Fantastic video thanks for the help! :)

  11. ThoseGuysable says:

    @FordIsBetter The 1st part of the video there wasnt a cable. The 2nd part there was a cable but you couldnt fully see it.

  12. FordIsBetter says:

    @ig1988ig1988 this is me reminding you that ur a lil bitch. But i bet you knew that before.

  13. ig1988ig1988 says:

    @FordIsBetter You’re a fool i bet you knew it before i’m just reminding you. 1:06 take a look better you can see it’s connected

  14. ESmithStringSlinger says:

    @FordIsBetter You only see the chrome jack in the input jack. He is plugged in and playing.

  15. KillYourTeeVee says:

    @FordIsBetter And, you’ve been staring at a computer monitor that’s not even turned on… I just found your cigarettes. They were in another dimension.

  16. wahyu1love says:

    so excellent

  17. InspireNorth says:

    @FordIsBetter Okej, fantastic thank you…I will try that! =)

  18. oskarsGG says:

    @FordIsBetter you fool! when he is playing there is a cabel in guitar! only at the start there isnt one because that guitar dont make any sound when he is talking

  19. activemelody says:

    @FordIsBetter In fact, there wasn’t even a guitar there – it was all air guitar

  20. FordIsBetter says:

    @InspireNorth Try an alder-bodied, maple-necked strat, load it up with some Lace Gold feeler pickups, plug into an ancient Fender amp and practice. Thats been his basic setup. Hope that helps!

  21. Brontosman says:

    Well presented Brian, its been helpful and got me inspired and motivated. I see some comments are hostile. They must have tragic lives and a huge chip on the shoulder. Hope you keep doing these lessons.

  22. InspireNorth says:

    How do you get the EC sound?

  23. Satchel95 says:

    the lessons are ok but for gods sake a LITTLE SLOWER PLEASE…

  24. lzeppelin234 says:

    certainly clapton…you even do you vibrato very nearly exactly like him (where you kinda place your thumb behind or off the neck)

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