Paul Gilbert Style – Quick Licks – Guitar Lessons With Andy James – Check Out This Paul Gilbert Guitar Lesson DVD. Paul Gilbert Quick Licks Overview, presented by Andy James. This Paul Gilbert Style guitar lesson DVD, is available through our site Andy James teaches guitar solo lessons on licks in the style of Paul Gilbert. For more info on this Paul Gilbert Quick Licks DVD click the link – http for the backing track head here : Please Like, Comment, Pet and Subscribe to help this lesson get more views. This lesson is a continuation of our “Lick Of The Week” series at . Surrounded by this lesson you will learn some cool ways to combine nation picking with pentatonics to make quick and smooth guitar parts in the style of Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa. They don’t necessarily fiddle with their pentatonic runs like this all the time, but it is a nice way to take the same quick pentatonic sound they achieve. After breaking down and culture this lick completely, try and come up with your own in this style. It can help make a very fluid pentatonic scale technique over time. Be sure and download the FREE TAB PDF which is from the main site at http Have Fun!! Carl.. Remember that these lessons are only possible with your kind support at Please consider a small contribution to help keep these lessons coming!! Thanks!! Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown
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  1. corpusIjurislciviles says:

    maybe like petruci but that one my friend ain’t sound nothing like Gilbert

  2. minlax says:

    What tune is it in? standard?

  3. rockSthan28 says:

    @licklibrary yeah that’s right dude:)..

  4. issats1991 says:


    for me too pls

  5. rad4462 says:

    viking kong?

  6. Lolguy88 says:

    viking kong much

  7. guitarfiend797 says:

    not enough string skipping lmao

  8. licklibrary says:

    @ehnzoh Hi there, Andy James this is a hair band, the purpose of it is to mute out any unwanted noise when his playing quick parts, it gives you guys a clearer phrase to help when teaching. Some guitarists use them when recording and here at the Licklibrary studio it works perfectly.

  9. ehnzoh says:

    Just wanna question, what is the purpose of that black kinda rubber or strap on the second fret on the neck of his guitar? I’ve seen some guitarist use that strap.. and I just want to know if it has an vital purpose in soloing.. need answers thanks :)

  10. michaelmichaelllpp says:

    Paul Gilbert uses way more techniques in every song, this guy repeats phrases too often with the same techniques over and over. Still sounds excellent, just doesn’t really remind me of Gilbert.

  11. Yahmanjim0077 says:

    Very excellent guitarist!!

  12. francheski says:

    @MikeBassil this guy is better…

  13. tornado600rr says:

    first time i listened to Andy James …….
    crazy skillz man…… super clean playing…. *****

  14. bertosas says:

    I don’t see his pinky hit the fretboard, it sounds excellent, that I mean his technique. The guitarsound is too digital, too.. over-effected or something. Gilbert used that very raw but strong sound..

  15. ParadoxCAVA says:

    @loki8lelouch7 you reckon THAT is really quick??? /watch?v=sVHVXopRmI8 this is the nearer guitar player on the planet, HE’s quick

  16. DERRRREEERR says:

    sound viking kong 

  17. loki8lelouch7 says:

    2:19-2:30 holy balls thats incredibly quick! its really melodic too..

  18. joelrod18 says:

    Sounds like Viking Kong…

  19. MikeBassil says:

    @Eviltiaz are you kidding me? did you even see the string skipping, the super technical alternate picked fillers, or the riffs played in different octaves, and btw only paul gilbert can sound exactly like paul gilbert

  20. stuartjonez says:

    @licklibrary do u mind sending me the link to?

  21. ShredableGuitar says:

    I absolutely agree.

  22. cipanKACAK says:

    only someone tht hv been blessed by paul gilbert can play like him xD

  23. TheSuperPicklefish says:

    nothing like paul gilbert, paul uses his pinky henceforth the length

  24. LiLRicky504 says:

    @Eviltiaz dude what are you talking about? hes playing viking kong by paul gilbert?

  25. VoraciousBlood says:


  26. Zep509 says:

    now to get it up to speed….

  27. 43soundz says:

    yes I agree too much distortion but nice lesson

  28. anaturaladdiction says:

    @qbblitza fuck yesss!
    I like elixirs. Its the only thing I use for acoustics and electrics. They do last foreverr

  29. cosmogang says:

    Excellent lesson. 

  30. gromshit101 says:

    @streetx1594 once you rub your fiddle with below it and it no longer feels smooth and more rusty

  31. gijszaalberg says:

    dam can’t get my hands so sync on this one when playing too quick…awesome lesson though

  32. Ningirsutyr says:

    Rusty Cooley also mentioned lately using stretches to play 3 clarification on a string to give a different vibe to our pentatonics. It’s right that it requires a huge effort if you’re not used to it but it’s certainly better than playing the same pentatonic phrases over and over again B-)

  33. jimrockford1000 says:

    Helpful lesson, a bit beyond my skill set currently, but I’m getting there. Gonna learn this , thanks.

  34. threeamax says:

    i used fender bullets for a while but found they break frequently…at smallest amount for me they did…(huge blues bends) ernie ball super slinkys is my new fave…10 guage

  35. aaaalllleeejjjaaan says:

    wow man nice but a bit hard for me jejeje im going to try t harder

  36. qbblitza says:

    @streetx1594 You can try them by all means, but i’ve only used elixirs on my guitars. I’ve played guitars with different string brands, but generally i notice absolutely no difference in the tone quality from one string brand vs. another. I just buy elixirs produce they last FOREVER

  37. SanctumZero says:

    @TheLolthazun Well, I wouldn’t say that falls below sweep picking. You don’t generally want to have anything ringing out when you sweep, which of course implies no open strings. Also, no one would sweep on the extreme low end of the guitar |-P

  38. TheLolthazun says:

    @SanctumZero sweep pick an open E chord.

  39. SanctumZero says:

    @TheLolthazun In any case, there’s nothing ringing out in sweep picking.

  40. Noseheros says:

    @88stockmj or look/feel worn

  41. streetx1594 says:

    @qbblitza Well I typically use Martin Darko light gauge. But I want to try GHS boomers. Any view?

  42. TheChickenOrTheEgg14 says:

    @streetx1594  2 weeks is way too often, even for an uncoated string that you’re playing every single day. i usually do mine about every 2 months (give or take), depending on how they feel/sound when i play them. honestly, i dont reckon that coated strings are worth it unless you have the money to blow on the extra costs and you’re REALLY that uptight about your strings.

  43. 88stockmj says:

    @streetx1594 change them when they don’t sustain enough. Or break…

  44. qbblitza says:


    Depends which ones u get. Generally if u buy cheap strings, or any normal string brand, u should exchange them every 2 weeks. But, Elixirs have a very long life and i guarantee u that they will not rust. I place elixir lights on my les paul 3 months ago, and they still play like new strings. With Elixirs, u just exchange them whenever they break

  45. streetx1594 says:

    Hey, I’ve got a question, If i play my guitar every day, how often should i change my strings?

  46. guitarguy974 says:

    MORE JB STUFF!!!!!!

  47. TheMikeyyyy says:

    your the man keep it up

  48. mantovannni says:

    fantastic lesson dude thanks for posting these fantastic tuition vids.

  49. TheLolthazun says:

    @SanctumZero or just let it ring out is what i meant.

  50. TheLolthazun says:

    @Joshmv14 thanks.

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