Piano Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords

This quick tutorial is all you need to play a ton of songs on the piano! Check out my guitar videos for examples of all the songs you can play with just these four chords: 4 Chords, 35 Songs – www.youtube.com 4 Chords, 28 Songs – www.youtube.com 4 Chords, 22 Songs – www.youtube.com 4 Chords, 21 Songs – www.youtube.com 4 Chords, 19 Songs – www.youtube.com 4 Chords Guitar Lesson – www.youtube.com 4 Chords Strumming Patterns – www.youtube.com ———————————————————————- Facebook! – www.facebook.com Follow me on Twitter! – twitter.com Send by e-mail me! – riptard@gmail.com TAGS: piano lesson tutorial simple keyboard 4 four chords impress simple minute beginner beginning novice noob axis awesome riptard

If you are a guitar or bass player and want to use your Ubuntu system to practice or record, this is how you can do it. This video uses Rakarrack (for effects processing), Audacity (to record), and Jack Control (to wire up the inputs and outputs) in Ubuntu. This video is keeping the theme of “no terminal” usage of Ubuntu; but, when I installed jack control it did make me paste 2 commands into the terminal. They force not have been required as they were used to provide nearer real time recording, but installing jack control is a small bit more complicated then just clicking install :-( .


  1. tylermdrums says:

    I got excited because it sounded like you were about to play the theme song to the office towards the end…

  2. KA CHUN LING says:

    you’re awesome!!!! ;)

  3. MrDracoss says:

    yo toco Fur elise en piano, y lleva mas de 4 acordes

  4. IAmSuperrCCG0806 says:

    AWESOOOOOOME! Thanks I’ve learned a lot! :D

  5. PinkiePieIsABoss says:

    omg thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  6. loy yton says:

    keyboard or guitar keyboard songs im bored in guitar..plss.i have message with you riptard im 10 yrs.ancient live in philippines

  7. horreporre says:

    .. or it force come back to bite your ass later on, when you learn something more complicated =)

  8. horreporre says:

    I´m a professional pianist, and I have to say that it´s fantastic to see someone teaching beginners this well =) Usually tutorials are really confusing. So excellent job. One thing I have to say.. It´s really, Thumb, index, and ring fiddle with. Not really matters in this type of video, but if you start playing the piano, you should know the right technique.

  9. phineasandferb48 says:

    i want his shirt.

  10. Beanchy0perfectpink says:

    SO HELPFUL!!!!! :) ))

  11. alexisoralex4 says:

    man you’re awesome ! :)

  12. atukaji1 says:

    Dear Riptard sir, luv ur vids. My kids luv it, simple to learn. They kept on playing n playing and now i have to buy them both a guitar n a piano each haha. You are fantastic, man. Regards from Malaysia.

  13. ItsRockerChic says:

    not any song but over 50+ songs ! maybe not over the whole song just like the chorus ! but if you are a begginner only knowing the chorus is ok later as you get more practice you can learn the other chords

  14. ElkProductions204 says:

    you look like a white translation of ted from wong fu productions.

  15. cottoncandylover161 says:


  16. PlayaAlbi says:

    watch the 4 chords guitar video and u´ll see what he means, u can play like over 100 of songs with only those chords

  17. etc0x says:

    I keep playing the Office theme song over and over in my head listening to this.

  18. BLOOW702 says:


  19. BrokenScene23 says:

    THANKYOU SOO MUCH, ive got this down!!!

  20. awesomesauceyumyum says:

    i thought it went CDEFGAB not ABCDEFG

  21. mick180796 says:

    RIPTARD you make me cool thx.

  22. horses5ful1 says:

    This was very helpful.

  23. Hproductions765 says:

    not any song. just a lot of songs

  24. 7001pato says:

    i am a beginner,so what u are tiresome to say is that if i can play the four chords i can play any song?

  25. Bulk39 says:

    Can you make another video of the chords and with diffrent tones?

  26. taofik setiyadi says:


  27. NonFerrousBueller says:

    Can you record two tracks simultaneously, one dry and one wet?


    hi. there are many voices from my rakarrack. what to do?

  29. ShimmyNS says:

    yeah, well atleast you are smart so much that you can figureout its not for you. Too terrible you cant figureout how to use it, cuz once some1 feels linux, he by no means goes back to windows! Guess on what OS are youtube servers running?

  30. hto1971 says:

    they got some thing new out real cool call (you rock guitar midi controller ) this will work with th vst like lmms and fruit loops look into this you will be like holy crap

  31. samplingrate says:

    Ever tried just hitting the random button over and over again? I’ve come up with some really, REALLY fascinating sounds that way.

  32. samplingrate says:

    You didn’t need to hit the start button at the beginning of the video– JACK audio is broadcasting all the time.
    What hitting the start button does, is essentially just start the clock signal that programs like Hydrogen, Ardour, Rosegarden, etc. can use to sync operations. In a non-time-based program like Rakarrack, it’s completely unnecessary.

  33. MikHartwell says:

    Brilliant vid! :)
    You say something abt playing music at the same time. This is what I do:
    1) Guitar setup exaclty like yours with 1/4″ line input for guitar to rakarrak
    2) One channel of Rakarrak output (headphones) goes to my hi-fi (eg. aux left)
    3) One channel from mp3 player with mono backing track goes to my hi-fi (eg. aux right)
    4) Now my stereo plays guitar/backing on left/right resp.
    5) Record from hi-fi headphone jack, exchange mono backing with orig.

    Thanks again – cool channel!

  34. theorganloft says:


  35. junaidkabir says:

    Thanks for the video. It´s just the thing i was looking for to boost up my spirit. m/

  36. emilioastier says:

    fantastic video……..thanks

  37. Synf7 says:

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    Thank You

  38. LaoziSailor says:

    Despite other opinions about Linux, IMO it is the most robust OS on the market (…yes, it is free).
    Considering this post, it has been most useful and since posted will need updating: it is not quite like clarified and I found my way through, due to updates to the software since posted.
    Thank you.

  39. DiegoINSOMNIA says:

    Linux fucking sucks.. look at all the rouble and time you loose just in configuration to record… and the program just “does the job” but its not professional, and doesnt give you a professional final product…. Linux is for geeks hwo like to get crazy playing with the terminal and configuring stuff…. leave it for informatics students and let the muscicians work with themost PRACTICAL AND PROFESSIONAL TOOLS!

  40. Lim yuen chia says:

    sorry noob question… i have my pedal ME-25, and i want to use it to record using audacity. usually, ppl would use the usb port to record. but i , unfortunately dont have the usb cable. so as an alternative i chose to use the mic port of the comp and connect it to my pedal’s phone(output) port. the thing is, idk how to make my computer detect the pedals sound. :( help pls?

  41. tolentakje says:

    to the top I do not know English I am from Slovakia so (Google Translate)
    I did everything according to this guide but does not like it.
    heard nothing from the speakers and I do not know whether the record my guitar.
    enclose cover of my settings. Please help me. Where could he be incorrect?
    link for cover: img684.imageshack.us/img684/5772/screenxwx.png

  42. mastodon1314 says:

    this is effective fantastic but it cuts off everything else (audio that is). Is there anyway around this???

  43. mastodon1314 says:


  44. rohanr2 says:

    There isn’t any delay when I am playing around, but It does happen after long usage or if there are a lot of other applications running at the same time. I’ve ordered an external sound card but it hasn’t arrived yet. This setup works if you are just playing around, but for serious work you’d for sure need something to memory correctly.

  45. 71GA says:

    It would be really excellent if you would use profesionall audio interface. Is there any time delay betwen you really hitting the string and sound appearing on your headphones? Thanks.

  46. GarethJonesify says:

    Also worth mentioning that jack wont be able to connect to the audio server if you have your browser open and have watched a video since opening it, just close your browser and try again and it should work.

    This was a pain in the arse for ages for me because i didnt know how to do this at all so obviously i had this video open while tiresome to do it, which was stopping jack from effective.

  47. GarethJonesify says:

    I set everything up as you have shown in the video but as soon as i click record on audacity i get an error message saying
    ‘Error while opening input contrivance. Check input contrivance setting and project try out rate’
    Any thought what could be causing this?

  48. TheOpensourceFTW says:

    Dude is this the alternative Translation Of Guitar Pro ?

  49. rohanr2 says:

    I don’t have a special audio card (yet) – I am currently just plugging the guitar right into the line in. Its on a medium spec’ed laptop and it does fine when playing with just rackarack. I haven’t used it at the same time as, say, ardour though.

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