Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb – How to play the progression on guitar lesson

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  1. Datamier says:

    קובי אפללו חח

  2. grasshopper1031 says:

    Cool! ! I’ve been wanting to learn how to play that song. Thanks :)

  3. ThePianotist says:

    awesome as usual!
    could you give a lesson on “Is there any person out there?”
    Thank you in advance!

  4. randlesomeguitar says:

    If ya haven’t already done it go to and please ‘like’ it!!! I really do appreciate it and if you do want to learn guitar then use the website:-) Delight in!!!

  5. furfinsandfeathers says:

    You should write your own songs… You could start out with a song called “Up Down Up Down Down Up”… It’ll be an instant hit… So have a cigar, You’ll go far…

  6. BarelyPerfect says:

    what? for b minor am i meant to bar the D and G alone with my ring and catch 4th fret high e with my pinky? cuz that’s… not what you’re doing there it would seem.

  7. HaxellMence says:

    Oh now that I know -wish you were here- it’s time for the mighty comfortably numb!
    We meet again.

  8. manalexxxx says:

    check out fingerstyle guitar tabs @

  9. jakejakejakekk says:

    because you play a quick D linking the G and Em

  10. Larkvaitig says:

    :) Now I can play it properly! Thanks Marty! :) 

  11. badrel66 says:

    Alternative : Just hit the F# note by itself then play the Em.

  12. tinygamer99 says:


    the chords are B- /A/ G/ E-/ B-

    Idk why this guy says the “quick D”

  13. youtberry says:

    Marty, thank you soooo much ! I’m a Belgian, 53 years ancient. I played in a band when I was 20 but afterwards started playing the piano. So much inspired by your lessons, I just recently bought myself a new guitar and just can’t stop playing. I’m having very much fun ! :-)

  14. bigjimmyrocker says:

    hey Marty how in the hell are they tuned on this? keep up the excellent work…

  15. AkkiElementalista says:

    i tried to barre it with my small fiddle with.. it hurts…

  16. HaakonKvinnslandVEVO says:

    How many guitars do you have, man? :D

  17. ThisRegularRaptor says:

    Your hand in mine – explosions in the sky PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  18. Supermariorossi1 says:

    Bm9 A G Gsus7+ Em ???

  19. mArT1n1112 says:

    a few months ago i tried this song and failed so i gave up.. now its sweet simple

  20. Barakshm565 says:

    i like you marty.your cool,thanks ALOt

  21. Manictwig says:

    You make it dead simple to learn songs, this has got me to at smallest amount delight in playing! ill get better later.. thank you. p.s – please sing more. :)

  22. 4bsobel says:

    hey first off i want to say your awsome and a huge help to my band since i know nothing about guitar(P.S. im a drummer) you give me something relate to when band is tiresome to learn a song. second can you please make a lesson on the beatles song rain. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ninjabastard2 says:

    when i first saw the B minor on the cover i just yelled “I HAVEN’T GOT ENOUGH FINGERS FOR THAT!!!!!”

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