Pink Floyd – Money guitar solo. POD XT, David Gilmour, High Definition

Pink Floyd – Money. One of the greatest pieces of guitar work ever made and a timeless classic that is a blast to play. Delight in! :-) Shot in HD. The Quick/Slow tutorial-demo translation is finished now so you too can learn how to play this fantastic solo. Check my channel for the demo. I thank you for all of your positive comments and support for my channel and if you like my videos, tell your friends! Please subscribe to my channel for updates and new solos.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. alexis3170 says:

    I Reckon this is my favourite solo, brilliant video man :)
    Just Brilliant

  2. NoodleStudioRecords says:


  3. jamessteven44 says:

    I Was BLOWN away!!! Awesome! But tell me.. at 1:26 the three note minor(?) sounds a bit different than what I’ve heard in the past. I still like the creative license there. Thanks for sharing that! Tell me, have you done the translation that appears on “Fantastic Pool of Dance Songs”?

  4. 50L0NE says:

    can learn a lot of that. thanks so much, dude. you rock!

  5. SugarMind1 says:

    Incredible solo! Is it on B minor?

  6. xAxVxZx says:

    dude ur amp is sick, so is ur guitar. the sound brings it together man nice job

  7. ivekuna1 says:

    duey gilmour :) :):)

  8. 5150RDH says:

    Awesome upload! Well played :) Definately one of the best rock guitar solos of all time.

  9. DadandMom52 says:

    Thanks duey i got time and money down,i by no means dreamed i could ever play two of the best songs by floyd, I broke one string, and developed awsome callouses,and wore out three sets of strings, but i nailed it.(whew)rock on dude

  10. DadandMom52 says:

    i wish all would teach with your many people out there show you that they can play a solo,but dont show you how.:(

  11. pacrat90 says:

    What gauge strings are you using?

  12. 1Nana47 says:


  13. mysoresriram says:

    I have learnt time / brick in the wall /cming back 2 life /and hey you . I feel this a fantastic achievement and i also reckon you are brilliant

  14. mysoresriram says:

    my mexican strat has only 21 frets  which is sad! but very well played

  15. loombaron says:

    the fender stratocaster has 21 frets and you have 22 frets in your guitar,
    did gilmour recorded this song with a 22 fret guitar? Its very hard to reach those clarification bending the strings in the 21 fret to reach those clarification.
    Maybe its because Im using 011 string wich are hard for large bendings, gilmour uses 010.

  16. DadandMom52 says:

    nothing is ever simple ,what is gear box?

  17. DadandMom52 says:

    fantastic job duey keep up the excellent work ,i give kudo’s to the teachers out there that use a guitar with dot inlays that let us know what the heck fret your on. :)

  18. barrybar22 says:

    dude, your fretboard is really dry!

  19. mierdadeyouculo says:

    what gauge strings were you using for this one?

  20. lorenzo2298 says:

    what effects are you using?

  21. donottawaguitar says:


  22. zust4you says:

    Are there patches going to work on POD HD series?

  23. S0D41 says:

    Wow, how you don’t have any video of you playing Echoes? Echoes is a one of the best musics of Pink Floyd!

  24. guitar195844 says:

    excellent job…i just place a money vid on my site

  25. LondonLanguageLounge says:

    you must have fingers as hard as nails man, i tried the soloing at the 22nd fret area and my fingers were torn to shreds ..heheh, excellent job anyway

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