Pink floyd-Money guitar solo, slow version. POD XT, David Gilmour, Dark Side of the Moon.

Pink Floyd – Money guitar solo, slow translation. This one is for my excellent friend Millard, his pet solo. Delight in! :-) Shot in HD. The Quick/Slow tutorial-demo translation is here so you too can learn how to play this fantastic solo. I thank you for all of your positive comments and support for my channel and if you like my videos, tell your friends! Please subscribe for updates and new solos.


  1. Scrodley says:

    This video is absolutely outstanding. Not only is the playing perfect, but I wish all other guitar tutorials would take note of thought place into the presentation. The camera is always focused exactly where it needs to be, and the HD filming makes it very simple to see every hint of fingerwork. All is there to see and all we need to do is watch. No words needed, no words spoken. The numbered segments with alternating quick & slow makes it very simple to build on each part. Thank you very much!!

  2. markreynaers887 says:

    You really helped me out ALOT with this tutorial, thank you man. I’m playing this for my guitar exam!

  3. 0xlAFSftwlx0 says:

    the only part i can’t get is 9:01, can someone please tab that out for me lol i don’t see it

  4. SrdjanGuitar says:

    Thanks! You really helped me.

  5. MuriloO1512 says:

    Very excellent brother. TY for this lesson. Turns the solo into some simple.

  6. MrArmandomartx says:

    Grazie amico, mi hai dato un grande aiuto, ed una grande emozione. :-) )

  7. mickyelevation12314 says:

    ciao super guitar man I have a problem with the effects of this song I have a line 6 m13 and not that touch effects can be used to help thanks

  8. OnlyThePogoman says:

    damnit. i need another fret!

  9. NeilsinMandela08 says:

    lmfao got to the end of this solo and realised i didnt have enough frets BASTURD

  10. Kotofein says:

    Ciao duey! Thank you for the your lessons! And just how i have known about POD Xt Live from you I bought it (I like your sound very much). Before I bought POD XT Live I didn’t judge that it is possible to get SO AMAZING sound from ONE guitar processor… But after…when I tried to download patches from your site and download this patches to POD xt live….i get very very very excellent sound. THANK YOU!

    P.S. Pink Floyd is my pet group, and David Goilmour is my pet gutarist.

  11. cookasoo says:

    wich efects you use and wich picckup you select?

  12. gorespo says:

    Einfach Klasse, Danke für die Lehrstunde!!! Komme alleine schon beim ansehen ins Schwitzen, bis ich soweit bin werden noch Monate vergehen. Trotzdem vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

  13. dunningtonpwnz says:

    i fucking like this song a lot

  14. MonsieurPawel says:

    excellent ancient pink floyd

  15. Răzvan Botea says:

    how do you get this sound from your guitar? i’m a newbie at guitars so pls clarify, i want to find more players who play in the same tone as you do

  16. EMGstrat1 says:

    hey yo duey cool solo 2 questions 1 do you play pulse translation solos from live versions ?? 2 question what camera you use my cannot so excellent sound rec… like your cam and wehere sant your amp in your amp front or back thx for question

  17. Magicman1092 says:

    What effect do you use? Sounds incredible..

  18. MrZauyaw says:

    this really hard, but I’ll try my best. this solo. Thanks man. Fantastic job

  19. camilo0365rock says:

    What guitar pedal are you using? sounds really nice!

  20. 8219366 says:

    Duey, thanks so much dude, I have now nailed this solo. Dare I try comfortably numb? You are a legend. Jeff

  21. walterdalessandro52 says:

    is very, very excellent tank you for your fantastic lesson

  22. netkiddie747 says:

    what kind of strings you got on there? they look so light

  23. rafuutsk8 says:

    thanks you !!! now i play money the solo ( rock’n roll baby !!!)

  24. George2ec says:

    hey dude thanks, I’d been tiresome this solo for a while, but only the the first 2 segments are simple for me, now I can do it better…thanks

  25. geneseo4jesus says:

    hey bro I have a boss ME-70 what effects are you using on your POD XT

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