Play Guitar – I Wanna Be a Rock Star!

Play Guitar – I Wanna Be a Rock Star!

The guitar is one of the most well loved musical instruments, especially to budding musicians who are looking for the simplest way to unleash their inner rock star.

The guitar is very versatile, present in a lot of musical genres such as folk, acoustic, jazz and rock. It is also portable and the basic acoustic guitar is relatively cheaper than most musical instruments. Aside from being all of these things, the guitar also adds cool points to whoever carries and/or plays it. When a person can play guitar, he automatically turns into a pop star wannabe into a serious musician. When a person can play guitar, he becomes cooler than he really is.

I bet you want to learn to play guitar right now. Or else you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.

The regular guitar has six strings. The top string, if you are right-handed, is called the 6th string. It is an E note. It is the thickest string and it produces the lowest sound. Next to it is the 5th string, an A note. The 4th string is a D, 3rd is a G note and 2nd is a B. The bottom string is the 1st string. It is the thinnest string and it produces the highest-pitched sound.


The strings run across the guitar’s large body until the headstock, where the turning keys are found. The turning keys allow you to tune your guitar strings. The guitar’s neck is the long, thin band that is attached to the body. In the neck, you can find the frets, or the metal strips that divide the neck into several sections. Musicians also submit to the space linking these metal strips as frets.

Start your guitar lessons by playing the strings “open,” which means plucking without using the frets. Take note to the sounds you produce.

Now, hold down a string on a fret with the tip of your fiddle with then try plucking that string. This is how you play an individual note. Try this with all frets and with all strings. Remember the sounds the strings make.

After you learn playing single clarification, you can now go on to playing chords. Chords are combinations of two or more clarification. Some chords involve the playing of three or more strings. This could be done by strumming.

Another vital thing you have to study to be able to play guitar is the guitar tab. A guitar tab is a guitarist’s guide. The tab looks like the guitar, with lines that represent strings. There are also numbers that instruct you to hold down specific frets while plucking a string.

Perfecting the art of guitar playing entails a lot of practice. Repeat playing single clarification then go on to chords. Do this until you can confidently try to practice playing simple songs. Practice until you learn the string-fret combinations by heart.

Don’t beat yourself up over the head when you don’t get the song right the first time you try. Relax. Culture to play guitar would not be simple, but it should be fun.


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