Play rock guitar lick of the week beginner Jimmy Page Joe Perry Zep Aerosmith AC DC esque riffs Click on and follow the higher than link to get two FREE Jam Tracks and coinciding written lesson all for free from Next Level www.nextlevelguitar.comClick link to get a killer groundbreaking new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from In this video guitar lesson lick of the week series we teach some rock licks using the minor pentatonic and blues scales and also chat about applying it and playing over the jam tracks and how to get two free jam tracks that coincide with this lesson. These licks are in the real Jimmy Page Joe Perry AC DC style Check out our rock jam tracks plus package here: and our blues jam track plus series here: Many more full on video lessons as well as a FREE 3-day all access site pass at the full on video instructional website at:
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  1. rockongoodpeople says:

    @iPlayLoudest – thank you so much – really appreciate your kind words and so glad that you like our lessons and that we can help you with your playing – keep up all that hard work on that guitar and keep on rocking!
    David T

  2. oneeesnesnes says:

    i like you david, muahhh! :P (i am man not woman)

  3. tallicaboy100 says:

    can you help me PLEASE, i like that kinda licks but i got problems with picking it, it makes me wanna place my guitar away and by no means play on it again, it’s really demotivating so if you got any information.. it’s more than welcome

  4. Clarksonhill says:

    See you in the next lesson, ROCK ON!!

  5. Puertorico2494 says:

    @smokagrass That’s a limited edition gibson so if you can’t find it there is an epiphone les paul that is the exact same affect.

  6. JBLTube2006 says:

    If you could just stop talking so much that would be fantastic thanks :)

  7. zziggymaan says:

    Are there any videos for icreasing your speed for trills? I can’t go my fingers quick enough to vibration well let alone do these licks quick.

  8. iPlayLoudest says:

    David, you are an incredible guitar teacher. I absoluteley like what you’re doing, you’re helping so many people it’s incredible. You are a very talented guitar teacher. This is deffinately you’re calling. Thank you so much!

  9. Derfnamxxx says:

    Just a tip, your trusrod cover is the incorrect way mounted :-)

  10. Gonzo45992004 says:

    я уснул на 52 секунде

  11. lcddg says:

    @rockongoodpeople dude that is a one fantastic lesson right there!..
    it helps me a lot….

    btw could u make a video on

    “on how to control the excessive emotion that was being released when playing guitar so that you wouldn’t spend too much buying a new set of strings every week because you strum so hard that it’s impracticable to not to snap those DAMN! strings on your guitar” lesson?


  12. BradmanIII says:

    Lick 3 was no doubt Adrian Smith-ish. Reckon of the number of the beast solo while watching him play it

  13. AlterBridgefanc says:

    David T s videos are really helpfull,thank you

  14. dnnysrock says:

    that right very jimmy page very clear on the communcation breakdown solo

  15. BTvisuals says:

    2:02-2:09 is like hes staring into your soul

  16. BTvisuals says:

    lol, every time he’s about to show you somthing it gets cut off

  17. DoMinC246 says:

    what guitar is this

  18. nnick5611 says:

    what song is the firstd riff

  19. ChanielDang says:

    it sucks that the guitars gibson makes in this affect nowadays aren’t of the highest quality…

  20. danukenator123 says:

    @rollinstonesdontsuck In addition to what he said, its practice. I had the same issue and over time it went away

  21. etnies561 says:

    hey dave you make the best lessons i just started playing in april and without your lessons i would not have progressed nearly as much as i have with them
    so thank you very much, and keep up the fantastic work

  22. rockongoodpeople says:

    You need to use string muting to mute out all the noise and pops. Basically you need to mute out every note that you ARE NOT playing. I have a two handed string muting technique that I teach on my website – there is a three day free pass on the home page so you can access the lessons – the string muting lesson is in the master classes intermediate lead section – check them out at next level guitar dotcom
    rock oN!
    David T

  23. TheFurpus says:

    whats up with the backwards thrusrod cover?

  24. mannnymanny says:

    david…your and awsome guitarist and teacher! and you have the most gorgeous guitars!

  25. rollinstonesdontsuck says:

    oh, by the way – Dave, I’m a beginner and every time I bend up, I hit some lower, unwanted string at the same time – any solutions?

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