Playing Bass with a pick (or plectrum). Discussion & lesson.

-Comment on this video@ my blog -Main site tons of free lessons What tonal qualities can we achieve with a pick, and where can we use them? What musics can we use a pick with? Discussing and covering using a pick with harmonics Covering basic pick technique. Downstrokes and upstrokes. Mutes. My Korg Pandora (what I use to get the effects) review: What is playing in the pocket?
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  1. RazvanStrinu says:

    hey i am better with my fingers but i prefer to play with the pick . i like to play metal and the pick also gives me that brutal , demonic , misshapen sound that i like

  2. potmydriasis says:

    Thanks for this! A fantastic bass in the hands of a fantastic bass player

  3. kittenestkat says:

    a pick… poooowah !
    2 fingers… pooowah !
    any questions ?

  4. jplanta95 says:

    @Dmanlamius76 uhh i can’t do “up down stroke” :( any advise :( (

  5. ACRedsCreations says:

    @VictorRechnageL right. also, my bass is custom made for low tones anyways.

  6. VictorRechnageL says:

    @ACRedsCreations That is perfectly fine, you just wont get that snappy tone as say, Krist Novoselic had.

  7. ACRedsCreations says:

    @VictorRechnageL The instrument is only as YOU play it. I take note to pick bass songs, but I hardly use one when I play myself.

  8. ACRedsCreations says:

    @VictorRechnageL of course. M/ HAIL THE METAL GODS!!

  9. 9winters5 says:

    why dont people just play the way they want to to make they’re own syle?

  10. VictorRechnageL says:

    @ACRedsCreations Metal-wise, that is.

  11. VictorRechnageL says:

    @ACRedsCreations The ultimate bass-godfather did not use a pick, at all.

  12. ACRedsCreations says:

    I found it “common” for those who despise Picks are R&B and Funk Fans. So, as our ancient Punk and Metal Fathers did, just tell’em to Go Fuck Themselves!

  13. Zip2461996 says:

    @johnthegreek178 den eimai kanas foveros re otan ginw kaliteros mporei na arxisw na anaivazw

  14. johnthegreek178 says:

    @Zip2461996 Paizei na anebaseis kanena cover?

  15. Zip2461996 says:

    @johnthegreek178 yaaaaaay eisai sto mialo mou, prin epaiza to orion sto solo me to huge muff kai anesthesia-pulling teeth :)

  16. johnthegreek178 says:

    @Zip2461996 Why not? Cliff Burton used one too!

  17. yekshemesh4alig says:

    @Dmanlamius76 Genius! That could def work, thanks.

  18. Dmanlamius76 says:

    @yekshemesh4alig Or, glue two bits of small sandpaper either side of the pick?

  19. Dmanlamius76 says:

    @yekshemesh4alig Hmm, I don’t as I’ve by no means used a pick for a whole gig. I’ve always tended to mix fingers and pick when playing live, so it gives it a break. May sound a bit gay, but how about talc? That force work? I’ll question a few of my friends how they get through it for you :)

  20. yekshemesh4alig says:

    @Dmanlamius76 I use a 1mm nylon (the only comfortable one I’ve found so far) which has got some tiny ridges and studs for grip, but it still gets really slippery really quick… I’ll try using a paper puncher on it, hopefully does the trick, I just don’t want to ruin my only excellent pick… Do you know any other tricks to prevent slipperiness?

  21. Dmanlamius76 says:

    @yekshemesh4alig It does, yes. Or, you can find ones with ridges on them for better grip :)

  22. yekshemesh4alig says:

    Does the hole in it prevent it from slipping when you’re sweating? I’m having distress with this because my pick always slips from linking my fiddle with, especially when playing nearer stuff. The hole kinda makes sense because both of your fingers meet.

  23. legatotechniques says:

    the best

  24. Zip2461996 says:

    I use a huge muff for destortion is it ok?

  25. sfedf1 says:

    @suxdudemungus Harmonics

  26. chessdude67 says:

    Very helpful….Thank you!


  27. gunsnrosescovers says:


  28. netstepb says:

    Damn, that’s nice!!

  29. phektus says:

    rakenrol!!! thanks for the useful tip ;-)

  30. kdrake777 says:

    @cjkeegan100 The scheme behind it, is that note is part of the Dorian scale. He is basically showing you how the minor pentatonic can be turned into the Dorian scale by adding that note. There is one other note you have to add to be the full Dorian scale, but it doesn’t work over blues as well as just that one note.

  31. SR5127CL says:

    @skint0n0minted Thanks for setting me straight mate.

  32. skint0n0minted says:

    @SR5127CL no he didn’t, thats what made him so special he didn’t have any boundaries. He learnt by ear, like sweet much everyone from his era did. It’s also the best way to learn.

  33. SR5127CL says:

    @skint0n0minted Trust me Hendrix knew every thing

  34. picklesfreaked says:

    whoaa he looks just like kip-kay

  35. zmadecm says:

    Merci, shweta

  36. clokedbigman says:

    fantastic lesson loved it!!!!

    NO YOU ROCK ON!!!!! lol

  37. williamtrevormcneil says:

    how can you tell what key your in?

  38. ADILPROUD says:

    can u use them clarification in the A minor scale the ninth note if u go it up so it ill b f#

  39. cjkeegan100 says:

    cool i dont fully know the scheme behind it. it seems alien to me venturing out of the minor pentatonic shape but it sounds fantastic :) thank you

  40. dethmetal1396 says:

    thats a sweet sick headstock.

  41. thepumpkins101 says:

    very warm sound is that a tube amp?

  42. skint0n0minted says:

    @ChrisGIBSONSG u dont need to learn any scales really – Hendrix didn’t know any at all. and hes the king, no futile music scheme mean no boundaries.

  43. agreewitme says:

    does anyone know exactly what hes playing at around 9:30? (it looks like hammer on/pull off on the 7, 9, 10 frets?)

  44. isaclar11 says:

    hi david can i buy the exact tabs of these blues you are playing i really wish to play it like you i mean this one higher than these comments thanks

  45. mikeloire04 says:

    duuude haha that’s incredible. pentatonic scales.

  46. RsGhost1 says:

    @ChrisGIBSONSG If you know vertical scales you know all of the latteral ones as well?

  47. Guitarplaya103 says:

    OOO David my man those are some juicy licks u got goin on there thank you!!

  48. AnimalPlanet000 says:

    yeah, add the 6th and you have the A Minor Natural scale :) )

  49. ChrisGIBSONSG says:

    i need help learnin different latteral scales ive got all my vertical down sweet excellent

  50. PHIL1245 says:

    Ha maybe i dont know i’m still crap but these lessons have helped me. lets see your lesson. lol

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