Playing Licks Between Chord Changes

www.creativeguitarstudio.comAndrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a listeners question… Q: Hey Andrew, I want to add some lead licks or runs linking my chord changes to give it more life than just strumming away on chords. I know my scales and triad and 7th arpeggios very well. How can I add more lead to my rhythm playing, or is there any exercises that force help. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work! – Richard, NYC. Thanks for writing in Richard! Playing licks and runs around chord changes; like Hendrix or Stevie Ray, has a lot to do with a couple of vital points… Namely being super solid at your rhythm guitar chops and really knowing your chord changes. Next up, is the entire area of knowing your scales, especially the pentatonics. In the video lesson I cover a number of points I reckon are quite vital. Hope this helps you start getting this technique down! All the best. The complete lesson article for this video is available on the Creative Guitar Studio website. Follow the link below: ____________________________________ Andrew’s Official Q & A Guitar Blog Website: Andrew’s “Video GuitarBlog” YouTube Channel The Creative Guitar Studio Website: Follow Andrew on Blogspot: Follow on Twitter for new lesson announcements: MySpace: Facebook:

In this guitar lesson I will show you how to play the classic Neil Childish track, The Needle And The Hurt Done, from the Harvest album. This is part 1, mostly the chords, we do the picking in the next part. Gotta like Neil… incredible artist. Go and get all his albums, now! :) More info and TAB on the web site. Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of Have fun .
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  1. jaapberk1 says:

    excellent lesson

  2. lifelongitch says:

    “…internalize a feel for the groove” I Like it.

  3. 007monkeyman2 says:

    Do you have any bass videos? I’m a bassist, but my style is very nearly like a guitarist’s. Would you recommend the same riffs for bass as you do for guitar?

  4. jimmyfos says:

    This guy is a brain! Fantastic Lessons

  5. MaximumGtr says:

    Man that was a really fantastic lesson. Thanks!

  6. downhill240 says:

    A small here, a small there, sweet soon I’ll know what I’m doing! LOL

  7. AdranAkuza says:

    thank you

  8. Renato Longa says:

    Hi. On 8:46 are you explaining the basic 5 position scale. on all-guitar-chord i was looking for that scale and i found A-Aeolian Scale and A-Melodic Minor Descending Scale – both the same – that confuse me, because I’m not able to follow the music theorie behind them.

  9. Thrawn6211 says:

    @annabatarowicz What a horrendously mislead thought.

  10. annabatarowicz says:

    you needto learn to do this style if you want to sound musical and pro

  11. DarkCreatorn says:

    Sounds a bit like Ram Jam/ Jimi Hendrix

  12. rj689 says:

    your the best teacher on youtube

  13. BOFSB12 says:

    Really loved this lesson, thank you Andrew.

  14. richivandecarr says:

    This is awesome I’ll place this in my practice routine

  15. MrFatherfoley says:

    sounds like mary had a small lamb srv..

  16. j1plascenciaa says:

    those are the exact same chords for the louis CK television theme song:)

  17. bikerdad46 says:

    I want to see you do a couple of lessons like this, with a people or rock a billy flair.
    I like rock a billy music (people boys blues, LOL). I also like a lot of the older blues (without all the distirotions and effects). I like a excellent clean sound, just use a small reverb and or delay, and a excellent mix of picking in the upper and lower registeries.
    Ray C

  18. circleseverywhere says:

    Jimmy Page

  19. donottawaguitar says:

    loved listening to you

  20. donottawaguitar says:


  21. UnitedEffect says:

    Thanks a lot for such a quick response Andrew. Much appreciated! I’ve been searching for a way to build up up the tone of my G&L ASAT without routing out any of the body. They have the stock soapbar/p-90ish p-ups, so I reckon particularly putting a Duncan CoolRail in the neck position should fit nicely and give a fuller tone. I often back up singers in duo settings and noticed the tone you’re getting, usually in the neck position is close to what I’ve been looking for. Thanks again!

  22. creativeguitarstudio says:

    a Duncan CoolRail at the neck position, HotRail at the bridge and a Roland GK20 synth controller. – Andrew

  23. UnitedEffect says:

    Could you tell me what type of pickups are installed in the neck and bridge position in your Strat? Thanks.

  24. foredeck100 says:

    What can you do to increase fiddle with speed? Exercises?

  25. foredeck100 says:

    Is there a excellent book on the market that shows lots of bar chords… major and minor? Maybe
    different blues progressions?

  26. TOUTOUDIEZ says:

    Belle prestation ça rappelle des souvenirs!!!!!!!

  27. pompitus says:

    You are ‘cheating’ on the DaddC when you do the walk-down like that. That ain’t the way Neil does it. Not terrible, though.

  28. VandeveldeCis says:

    Not the only one I reckon around 40 albums.

  29. 6rw1b says:

    Excellent work there man.

  30. mcnimi says:

    thank you dear sir.

  31. cypheron94 says:

    strumming, picking…. sticking?

  32. planejet42 says:

    God, I LOVE Neil Childish!!!!!!!

  33. 1966nrs says:

    me tooooooooo !

  34. sinfuldavy0 says:

    Can anyone tell the model and make of Justin’s guitar?

  35. B0neyKingofN0where says:

    After culture this song, all credit and thanks towards you Justin, I can now impress my dad! Such a Neil Childish fan, and still is. His like for N.Y. kind of rubbed off on me, too, and I’m glad for it :)

  36. JordyJordzz says:

    Ive been culture guitar on youtube for a long time and this is the first time I land on your vid. You are the best and clearest teacher ive seen . Thumbs up man

  37. exodor1 says:

    Amusing, I have the tab for this song, but it seems so much simpler to play when I watched you. Thanks Justin!

  38. captinmoonlight says:

    I tip me Cap to ya Justin! It’s So Rare to See/Hear Anyone cover Such an Artist as Neil Childish.. And do The Man “evenhandedness” … Y’all done Him Proud Bro, Thankyou ;-)

    I ain’t got All of His Albums meself. In fact, I ONLY Ever Had ONE of em.. “After The Gold Rush”.. Cos, way back in time, while Everyone else was Ravin bout “Harvest”, I bought the higher than mentioned. Just cos the Community Music Pile didn’t have Harvest in stock, so I begrudgingly accepted it `n WOW, I Loved It :-)

  39. luvmyprs says:

    Thanks for sharing Justin. When I need some drive, to pick up and play, I always check out one of your vids…….Thanks again
    Peace, Randy

  40. bellendstew says:

    nicely played dude

  41. MissCharl36 says:

    My Dad does, he’s a fan from way back!

  42. OldTimeRockNRoll69 says:

    Thanks a lot man! That helped me so much, fantastic job on the cover as well as teaching it! Cheers

  43. diablosmurf says:

    Awesome cover

  44. Martin Galante says:

    You are the best, many many thank you.

  45. harrylampton says:

    Awesome and thank you!

  46. Robevogel2ooo says:

    Awesome…you are one of my pet teachers….and you sound fantastic on this one all the way around…soon I will too…Thank you!

  47. Manuel Vasquez says:

    its a tattoo

  48. Hollywood27s says:

    fantastic lesson! but im so unusual, i keep getting distracted by it, what the hell is taped to your arm?

  49. Eviltoast567 says:

    you are a fantastic person Justin!

  50. northcoast69 says:

    I’ve been effective on this one for a long time.  You’ve clarified the details for me. Thanks!

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