Playing Music with Mull and Smothers

Get the latest Penn EVERYDAY: I did Paul Provenz’s ShowTime show “Green Room” with Martin Mull and Tommy Smothers — two of the largest heroes of my life. When Penn Jillette has an opinion it’s a safe bet he won’t hold back. Upload your own reaction and get the rants rolling! Tune in each week for new insight and agitation. Follow PennSays on Twitter: tags: Playing Music with Mull and Smothers Penn Says @pennsays atheist politics religion libertarian penn jillette
Video Rating: 4 / 5

TGIF! Theres a ton of news to cover today, but first and foremost we had a very special guest! That’s right, we’ve finally given you what you all have begged us for: Tara’s Mom! She stopped by the studio all through a small jaunt in San Francisco and was nice enough to step in front of the camera for us. Everyone give her some like! On the news side of things, we break down the first gameplay footage from LA Noire, ponder the beauty of Cave Tale in 3D, and wonder how Guitar Hero could really be dead. Plus, we have a LOGO from Halo 5, news of a new Spyro game, and the revelation that Mass Effect 3 will be scored by the incredible Clint Mansell! Now, delight in your weekend. Tale #1 – LA Noire Trailer Reveals First Hints of Gameplay: Although it has that whole “walking around the city with a map in the bottom right confront” thing going on, it looks like the forthcoming sandbox game will be more than carjacking and gunfights. You’ll have to sit through conversations and evaluate whether someone is lying or telling the truth. We can’t wait! Tale #2 – Guitar Hero is Dead, Long Live Guitar Hero: Hard to judge that the franchise that was on top of the planet a few years ago is now dead. Activision killed it off, by the side of with Right Crime, due to drastic profit declines. Incredible. Tale #3 – Cave Tale Being Remade for 3DS: For anyone who missed it the first time(s) around, this looks to be the definitive new translation. Plus, Cave Tale
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. pennsays says:

    Hi Penn fans. Penn Says videos have been discontinued, so you won’t be seeing any new content on here. You can check out our Profile on our Channel Page for more info. We’ll still be checking in, so hope to keep chatting with you all! Thanks!

  2. JimBozeman1956 says:

    I had a Martin Mull album years ago where he played slide guitar with a baby bottle. Want to get another copy!

  3. pennsays says:

    @Piccolo49 It is kinda sad. It’s right here: /watch?v=tqGNSXoUqlo

  4. ickybird says:

    Did you play Dueling Tubas? that was one of my pet Martin Mull skits.

  5. kathmandu666 says:

    Did you know Martin Mull is an accomplished airbrush artist by the side of with his other talents?

  6. nylawyer55 says:

    No you asshole, that was Robert Klein. How ancient are you? You have NO clue!!! Martin Mull plays guitar and does it very well. Go read about well loved culture and then you may be ready to “contribute.” What a fucking jerk you are!

  7. dougger42 says:

    Didn’t Martin Mull do that bit with the harmonica, “I can’t stop my leg!!!” ? Hillarious!

  8. RonaldDumbsfeld says:

    I voted for Pat Paulson.

  9. JimmerSD says:

    That show concept sounds fascinating. I by no means would have pegged you for a Mull groupie. :) 

  10. sachaput says:

    Like Penn I loved the Smothers Brothers and listened to the ahead of schedule Martin Mull albums over and over. Very nearly sad that Mull is better known for his sitcom appearances than his humorous songs.

    If you can check out Mull’s “History of White People in America” Brilliant!!

  11. sachaput says:

    I always take these with a grain of salt. I judge most are sincere, but I reckon Penn pushes the envelope to get a reaction, just as he and Teller do in their show.

    Still delight in very nearly all of them.

  12. MisterBookman says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that Penn is an expert at fooling people and that these PennSays videos may just be masterful cons? Perhaps they are a mixture of sincere videos and bogus ones made for the purpose of getting a rise out of people. Maybe Tommy Smothers, Cheap Trick and countless others are in on it, wink wink nod nod. Read some of the comments with the thought that the audience was just conned and it’s sweet amusing. I reckon Penn would be more likely to do this than anyone else.

  13. Piccolo49 says:

    That last part on this Penn Says sounded really painful.

  14. evsystem says:

    I reckon you were over-reacting. Wareagle5693 was just expressing very brief a personal opinion that he holds to himself very dearly and you happened to interrupt the healthy conversation going on linking only him and dragade101 and you just had to go ahead and make yourself sound no different from an immature 12 year ancient.

  15. evsystem says:

    Aw, poor penny!

  16. educatedsavage says:

    Oh, the suspense! I’m so unusual, now!

    ((I have the ad-check extension for firefox – I didn’t even know there were commercials!))

  17. jehjeh3712 says:

    Crap!!!! I wanna know now!!!!!!
    Yeah Tommy Smothers was one of my all time favorites also, but he can tend to be an asshole.

  18. MasterOctagon says:

    yeah i was thinking the same things but google are money hungry bitches sooooooo

  19. mrbobsevil says:

    Yes, he is annoyed by a ten second(and completely irrelevant) ad for the army at the beginning of every penn video, so he MUST despise america and the military.

    Heck, he’s doubtless a terrorist! Commie bastard!

    Heil jesus! Heil jesus! Heil jesus!

  20. Wareagle5693 says:

    do you have something against the military?

  21. dragade101 says:

    wow Penn, the ads that normally play before your seg on YT, they suck. could you influence YT to not play military ones at smallest amount.

  22. MartyPlaysMusic says:

    Martin Mull on the Fernwood 2 Night — fantastic, fantastic TV.

  23. JuanPersona says:

    I was about 14 when I got to see The Smothers Brothers open for Peter, Paul and Mary. A magical evenin’ fer a li’l teenager! All 5 of `em still bring a smile to my face just remembering. And I too am tacky enough to wanna hear about Tommy freakin’ on ya soon! 8~> Glad I’m subscribed.

  24. 787Bisurdaddy says:

    The Aristocrats was a fantastic documentary. Paul Provenza is awesome.

  25. TheGmocs says:

    @DerpaChief what do you mean halo is a cool guy dont you mean jhon

  26. jouruji says:

    “Told ya so!”

  27. crimsontowers says:

    and Escape from New York IS one of the greatest films of all time, soundtrack included haha.

    kurt russel for the win, snake plisskens one of the best action guys in history.
    he really was on a roll then, Huge Distress in Small China, The Thing (best film of all time), Escape from NY (and LA, its cheese but rad) the man is pure manliness and metal kickassery.
    Carpenters no slouch either, he churned out perfection over and over in the 80s

  28. crimsontowers says:

    haha guitar hero’s always been sweet weak anyway, if you really shred on a real axe its just a flickering spectre of the enjoyment, and skill..i prefer my 144 buttons to its 5.

    by the way, the host girl is quite goddamn gorgeous, im sure theres many pervs leave-taking comments by the side of those lines with less class n’ tact, but either way shes gorgeous

  29. pivotguyism says:

    taras mom is a sexy bitch, nerds were typing with 1 hand when it showed her

  30. bjornardass says:

    ha 10 inches? mine is 10 inch unbuffed! “like a baoss”

  31. MRblackopsclip says:

    Tera I will fuck you with my 10 inch monster cock k your pussy will explode

  32. TheUltimatumgamer says:

    @danie2332123 No its only on xbox as it always has been and halo is being devoloped by 343 industries which have inveterate its again xbox only

  33. Megatallica572 says:

    Taras mom is SOOOO HOTT

  34. zhbarton says:

    I want to titty fuck tara!

  35. zhbarton says:

    @DerpaChief Do you mean masterchief?

  36. danie2332123 says:

    HALO 5 IS ON PS3 ONLY!!!

  37. danie2332123 says:

    is ME3 is gonna be on ps3 aswell ?

  38. z00h says:

    mum is fucking LOVELY. Tara why are you still there, again?

  39. JetsetRM says:

    Very excellent sir.

  40. TheGodOfReson says:

    Can i BANG you MILF MOM??

  41. olaf1234561 says:

    i didnt know master chief is called halo now

  42. DerpaChief says:

    @TheRollingBullet yhbt

  43. KakaArt1 says:

    Halo 3 is Halo 4, weirdly, as Reach was the prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved making that the first Halo game (Chronologically)

  44. KakaArt1 says:

    @DerpaChief – Halo is a sweet cool guy ? i reckon you need to play it more.

  45. TheRollingBullet says:

    Halo is the ring you moffo….. You mean Master Chief… Omg..

  46. TheRollingBullet says:

    @TheOneAndOnlyWesto Halo is the ring you moffo….. You mean Master Chief… Omg..

  47. TheRollingBullet says:

    @DerpaChief Halo is the ring you moffo….. You mean Master Chief… Omg..

  48. sLevnZelevn says:

    + 10,000 to the mom

  49. IOnlyNeverLose says:

    lol if i yelled at my mom, “last word”, she would have beat my ass….

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