Polly, Nirvava (Guitar Lesson) how to play

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  1. evev146 says:


  2. SiHanGooner says:

    Is there a simpler way

  3. Sebaz Alzate says:

    Thanksssssss i like youuu :D  jajajaXD

  4. joke man says:

    you can play this two ways at the beginning any way you can play it Em G D then a C I find it simple that way

  5. johnlrox55 says:

    lol, it says it again in the description!

  6. terrell wilson says:

    its called a power cord 

  7. EvisuDrengen says:

    Thanks man!

  8. whitley658 says:

    im mad

  9. nssurge says:

    sounds so much like avicci levels

  10. TheRoylee57 says:

    Thanks Marty! Again, another fantastic lesson I’ve learned from you. Keep up the excellent work man!

  11. Buffalo93 says:

    you could just write down goddamn chords in description, now for a lot of people this video is a waste of time

  12. starsky1012 says:

    No… it clearly says nirvana not nirvana even though it should really be written nirvana.

  13. BrovahkiinTV says:

    Whos nirvava?

  14. lead belly says:

    Hey Marty can you please teach dumb if you havnt already. p.s your awsome

  15. shay gamage says:

    please very ape

  16. xxSAKUL14 says:

    i like you marty schwartz

  17. matthewisacracker says:

    what does he do right before the chorus starts like on the first or second fret?

  18. Mikevallin2001 says:

    is this e flat tuning?


    Can you make a lesson of dumb by nirvana???? Pleasee :D

  20. talebg says:

    lol 2:50 “No one’s gonna know except… Well, I shouldn’t say that” xD

  21. ivog2k10 says:

    hes right they are all simple i hope ur being sarcastic o.0

  22. 91Fick says:

    wha? r u serious?

  23. cobyc816 says:

    D# G# C# F# A# d#

  24. IHideUnderyobed says:

    i remember 5 months ago tiresome to play this and i epicly failed now i can play it all excellent xD

  25. IHideUnderyobed says:

    there like the simplest to learn!

  26. MrManoyful says:

    1:53 please dont rape me.

    hahahaha. just kiddin! cool stuff marty

  27. muziknewbie says:

    this is a really excellent lesson thanks marty

  28. batarajarock says:

    you know what marty, your face look like el hefe from NOFX…

  29. eatcoconut4 says:

    Thanks for the scheme,it made me know when to properly use major & minor scale. Mahalo from Hawaii.

  30. Sagnik Mukhopadhyay says:

    BTW, just to let you know, “5th note in major pentatonic scale” is major 6th and I learnt is from Marty. :-)
    Also, it makes me wonder that if you already “no” this stuff, why wanting to learn basics?
    Have a excellent day sir. :-)

  31. Sagnik Mukhopadhyay says:

    Oh my lord guitar expert … I bow to your immense knowledge. As you know all these stuff, scoot off, and let other mundane creatures delight in this video.

  32. Rilay Marino says:

    lol, i already no this stuff, and im tiresome to help keep u guys away from it. If u learned so much from this guy, tell me: what note is the 5th in the major pentatonic scale

  33. Sagnik Mukhopadhyay says:

    Seriously man! If you reckon somebody is going to spoon-feed you all the basics, you are on a incorrect track. This video has a lot of material about major and minor interchange, and if you are receptive enough, you surely can play around.

  34. VolimoPivo says:


  35. BrotherWidmer says:

    :36 he was on to something…

  36. MultiNine999 says:

    GIBSON…. policy.. 

  37. miroj tuladhar says:

    hit like if u ur culture guitar from him even if u can play well :) awesome teacher

  38. Darkreignxox says:

    I’m sorry you lost in the first sentence.

  39. jsilence418 says:

    Nice job Marty ,lovely guitar, not fussy about the hat !

  40. GUITARp90x says:

    I learned songs from him for a while and then stopped watching his videos because once you learn how to play real songs it becomes simpler to play your own songs and own solos so just give it time friend. Everyone has there own methods of culture. So there is no reason to bag on him, its just the way your mind works.

  41. ValleysOfMe says:

    I know exactly what your talking about man, this guy just pisses me off. I can’t see how why he is so well loved

  42. Rilay Marino says:

    culture songs on the guitar isn’t even close to culture the actual guitar. I was expecting him to really help me with mixing minor and major pents. because i was having distress, and all he did is teach me how to play HIS solo. I don’t like this guy cuz everything he teaches i just have to say: I don’t care about culture the specific song or the specific solo, i want u to teach me the basics of the whole concept, and he by no means has. Just keeps teaching us crap we dont need to know.

  43. ryry70001 says:

    Kenny Powers is a beaut.

  44. ryry70001 says:

    Kenny Powers is a beaut.

  45. rileysw0rld says:

    oh my god! this is an awesome lesson, i cant say enough how this lesson add more spices into my playing.

  46. MrFercho90 says:

    marty se que no entenderas esto pero he aprendido bastante de ti eres buenisimo cabron!!!! VIVA MÊXICO!!!!

  47. jfunkfinger69 says:

    You force want to check out Roy Buchanans ahead of schedule stuff and Peter Green from his days with the original Fleetwood Mac, BB King likes his playing.

  48. quincywho says:

    iiii like when he jams out at the beginning… he seriously should make an album

  49. voodooblueskid says:

    bb king
    albert king
    john mayer
    muddy waters
    allman bros
    jerry garcia

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