Preschool – Alphabet Exercise

Alphabet Al gets childish learners out of their seats to exercise their bodies and minds. Fun songs for each letter of the alphabet promote imaginative play and fitness with creative movements like Picking Cherries, Soaring Eagles, and Air Guitar while helping children learn the skills that will prepare them for culture to read. Also includes traditional exercises, such as Jumping Jacks and Windmills. Ages 3 – 5. Awards: Dr. Toy Best Products; Mom’s Best Award “My six-year-ancient daughter likes exercise videos. If given free access to DVDs that guide her through structured physical activity, she loyally completes this disc on a daily basis, dragging as many of her younger siblings by the side of as she can round up. When I learned Alphabet Exercise I knew we had to try it. Though my oldest is outside of the recommended age range, the reinforcement provided by this DVD is just what she needs. Were able to kill three birds with one stone provide an outlet for physical activity, reinforce letter names, and help her learn proper printing technique. With my three-year-ancient starting to count and learn the ABC song I have fantastic hopes that this fun-filled disc will help her by the side of in her journey towards or recognition. Educators effective with childish children should certainly place Alphabet Exercise on their small list of products to look into further.”—Jennifer at “I gave Emily, my 3-year-ancient granddaughter, this DVD from Rock ‘N Learn that teaches the ABCs while doing fun
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