Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue – How to play on guitar – tutorial – pt 1 RHCP

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  1. buttrdtost says:

    i agree with traffic light.

  2. Xbornify says:

    5:01 WTF

  3. mulefa1 says:

    0:08 lol

  4. YukalayleeGames says:

    What amp was used?

  5. kilLphiL280 says:

    @trafficlightgl fuck off

  6. guitarbeast141 says:

    the dot on the red line is a snowflake!!!!! :D DDDD

  7. Ascaron50 says:

    thank you

  8. eiigot says:

    marty thank you for making my life simpler, you are a fantastic teacher and you are very talented. thank you

  9. jamho3113 says:

    hey marty! i’m always culture songs by you! you should upload a vid on how to do 17th century chickin pickin!

  10. xoxoguapabella says:


  11. MrBigman001 says:

    oh no wonder hes not getting the tone he hasnt got a kaput guitar

  12. BigGunz1000 says:

    you’re awesome! Thanks!

  13. StereOasis93 says:

    by no means thought id be able to play this but learned it in 10 minutes! thanks for the upload! :)

  14. AtomicBlythe says:

    dang thats a hard song

  15. MrSilverHero says:

    @DrHeyderman Who? Ah I know. YOU! .. Troll.

  16. daniegh says:

    what guitar are you using?

  17. DrHeyderman says:

    Not that talented of a guitarist.

  18. hsu2 says:

    all lessons by marty is fantastic i like it :D thx marty

  19. CubaKid94 says:

    I get everything, but how do you play quick without plucking the other strings you dont want to pluck?? Just practice?? :P

  20. her9u says:

    @trafficlightgl small bitch… youll by no means even come close to martys level… He’s a guitar god aha, n u lick butthole

  21. MrJeengab says:

    ahah pause at 0:20 he looks so high !!

  22. naruto1123able says:

    Yeh it would be awsome if u could do part 2 of below the bridge

  23. THEryan7700 says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ do You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring:)

  24. zachtillman543 says:

    you teach my so much shit dude hah thanks

  25. trudal987 says:

    I want this guy around my camp fire.

  26. dalynthesk8r says:

    @MrTherockobama see where it says “normal” down by where you select the resolution? press it and you can out the video at half speed or 1/4th speed

  27. BLACKID1234 says:

    too hard for me hahaha

  28. MrTherockobama says:

    youtube needs a slow motion buton so I can watch this vid in slow motion to fully know

  29. MrTherockobama says:

    I play parts of the video that I’ve mastered over again so I can feel one step ahead :D

  30. MrTherockobama says:

    thumbs up if you failed at culture this

  31. Voddgreen says:

    “WeLcooMe to thE baAr”

  32. supernova1 says:

    YOU ARE THE MAN…damn you can play that thing!

  33. MultiJuliusAble says:

    Marty has an iPhone :)

  34. TVDiaries07 says:

    IS there anything you can’t play?! ;0 YOU ROCK

  35. NatePerry12 says:

    thanks to u i can somewhat play nirvana

  36. FancyFan89 says:

    Ok, senks

  37. rduerlich says:

    full of awesomenes!!!

  38. theguitarexpert71 says:

    ela eladaaaa XD

  39. kinibayvip says:

    @CAmeramanbob Cool man :D

  40. CAmeramanbob says:

    @kinibayvip i do practice ahah I’m just not that excellent

  41. kerimsg says:

    thank you

  42. kinibayvip says:

    @CAmeramanbob Just practice and you’ll be just as excellent as him, i suck too, i still practice and stuff

  43. xXxJacobBryant says:

    do dont stop me now queen

  44. NepaliDynamite says:

    @CAmeramanbob lol same

  45. lucasstates says:

    best teacher ever bro,props

  46. cjpatterson21 says:


  47. iPerformMagic says:

    @mackoyouz I agree with most of those things there, but Drowning Pool? Not sure… and Taylor Swift isn’t that terrible.

    Also too is spelt with 2 Os.

  48. SuperPancakeNinja says:

    @mackoyouz Please shut up. Rock will by no means die.

  49. GameHouseBE says:

    @mackoyouz fuck off you paranoid idiot, 95 procent huh? then why do i have a metal band, a metal loving girlfriend, and a justin bieber hating school? reckon about that you fuck

  50. ThisNameWasntUs3d says:

    @mackoyouz piss off

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