REVIEW – Philip Nelson – SongBook Chordpro

Philip Nelson from NewTek reviews the iOS App Songbook Chordpro


  1. peteriuliano says:

    Thanks… I found out through a friend that you need to paste a song onto a program called songpress and it will convert it into chordpro, then send it to songbook in dropbox, give it a moment to sync, then you force have to edit a small, I’m loving it. :)

  2. Gambit242 says:

    Peter. YES! You can type in your own songs! I really type them on my computer and then sync them to SongBook via my dropbox account. Sweet awesome stuff!

  3. peteriuliano says:

    Fantastic app . Butt how do you type in your own songs into songbook??????

  4. myherby says:

    Fantastic app and fantastic presentation. It there something similar available for Android?

  5. solharris says:

    awesome! ipad and this app is certainly the way forward. The only issue is many of the songs downloaded are not tabbed properly! Still really awesome!

  6. Gambit242 says:

    Nunobasto.. Thx for the feedback and most importantly, thx for watching!


  7. nunobasto says:

    You should focus more on the iPad and the App and less on yourself… This could have been a fantastic review.

  8. ScottVannHomes says:

    Awesome App.

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