RHCP – John Frusciante – Californication Guitar Solos

Chili Peppers – Californication [Official Music Video]” href=”http://learntoplayguitarland.com/red-hot-chili-peppers-californication-official-music-video/”>Californication Guitar Solo 1999-2007
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  1. munkythai says:

    sadly, 3 people are deaf or having problems with sex.

  2. Taneing says:

    Like it how Kiedis is always chunking out, and crazy, and John is just a sort of harmony to all the madness, just one with his guitar. :)

  3. GuitarVirtuosoWimmel says:

    @pelofrusciante77 5.45 was at the BBC studios if I remember well…

  4. AnshoryKiddies says:

    we want you back,john

  5. pelofrusciante77 says:

    que sortario anthony… poder tener esa chance de bailar/ saltar/ volverse-loco con esos solos a todas sus anchas…!!!! : D…. 8:28 la cara d John no tiene precio!!!!

  6. songsxsound says:

    2:24 EN CHILE.

  7. pelofrusciante77 says:

    5:45 England Tops of the Pops… also fantastic!!!

  8. pelofrusciante77 says:

    0:01 Woodstock 99, 0:48 VMA’s 2000 (i like it), 1:36 Argentina (i like it), 2:24 Chile (unbeliavable); 3:14 Sao Paulo (anthony’s neck, oouuchh), 4:03 Slane Castle (excellent), 4:56 Japan (my favourite), 5:45 ?????, 6:35 Fuji ( john please are u kidding me?? AWESOME!!, 7:25 Serbia (the most beautuful and emotional), 8:15 Poland ( again John are u kidding me DOUBLE AWESOME)!!!..

  9. commodorobar says:

    4:57 absolutely the best. <3
    I like at 4:02 too.

  10. pelofrusciante77 says:

    6:58 anthony…. : )

  11. pelofrusciante77 says:

    6:35 this is John…….. the one from the 4th dimension……

  12. Flace93 says:

    At 2:24 the best Californication solo!!! =)

  13. pelofrusciante77 says:

    6:34…. Johnny are you fucking kidding me??? esa stratocaster esta hablando o son cosas mias???? que solo mas ARRECHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  14. pelofrusciante77 says:

    4:57 thru 5:37 yo otra vez como monkey in ritalin….

  15. Supersandwich72 says:

    The one at 6:34 is from Fuji Rock Festival 2007. Fantastic solo, although the best Californication intro has to be from Slane Castle.

  16. Focus923 says:

    White Falcon was made for this solo!!

  17. WannabeFruFru says:

    guys go check out the solo at “parc des princes” france there is an ending solo solo like the one at 8:00 but its just too fakin epic. Iearned the god damn solo and when i play the ending it makes me feel soo excellent. watch?v=FZWx7mtGI8k
    quality cam but man the solo is just amaizing. needs to be apply

  18. frannkie1000 says:

    i like da way chad dances lol!!!!!

  19. nachohuevon says:

    @CosmosOfBeauty this is his most prized guitar!! White Falcon !

  20. nachohuevon says:

    @CosmosOfBeauty This is her most prized guitar his White Falcon guitar!

  21. thegreatNEb says:

    have to say I’m not so impressed with these. the first few minutes he is off all over the place…..not taking anything away from the guy of course…

    the stars of the show in rhcp for me will always be the stout-back funk machine in the back: Flea and Chad. solid as a rock 24/7

  22. tomasignacioo says:

    @Msfreckles303 Yep, he’s like wine :)

  23. Edenov says:


    Gretsch White Falcon 1955

  24. Edenov says:


    gretch white falcon

  25. CosmosOfBeauty says:

    What guitar does John have at 5:15?

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