Rihanna – What’s My Name? ft. Drake

Music video by Rihanna performing What’s My Name?. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group
Video Rating: 4 / 5

BoB Weird Clouds (feat. Lil Wayne) 2011 Mixtape download here www.datpiff.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. RIHANNA1995able says:

    they make a cute couple to me.

  2. MsNoxchi95 says:

    rihanna cool

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  6. pepeava1 says:

    Mii hermana la bailo para su quinceñera:)

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  8. buttiestbutts says:

    @exoticwalrus2000 ya but drake likes nicki

  9. MOEMoneyMOEMusic says:

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  10. ChynnaJade says:

    Drakes so amazin I swear he got me losin my miiiiiiiiiind oh na na whts my name????

  11. NASHmusic1000 says:

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  15. exoticwalrus2000 says:

    it would be awesome if rihanna and drake really did get together. hes way better than chrisbrown

  16. TBoneMr says:

    Drake and Tywon Da Don should colab! YCMB!!!

  17. theresa5823 says:

    your so darn sexy rhhanna

  18. 1989hirokazu says:

    Fuck niggers! we white people were beginning to likes your kind in the 80′s but now your all fuckin stupid now.

  19. 001Nunez says:

    damn she must gotten get punched by Chris Brown so hard she forgot her name

  20. theAJTpros says:

    did u pay for the milk yet?

  21. JusJosh90 says:

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  22. bohemianusus1 says:

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  24. Kunkalica says:

    Place the gloves for washing dishes, you are ruining nails, stupid girl! :)

  25. minneiie says:

    haha.. Rum bum bum bum name? XD

  26. Ryentheekidd007 says:

    We trippy mane….

  27. Ryentheekidd007 says:

    Even if Wayne is a fake blood he can still rap…

  28. CTHULHU1313death says:

    The bass sounds like someone farting in the microphone!

  29. Thugnificent318 says:

    Always seeing weird clouds

  30. 2596Z says:

    @15izare beats are shit this song sounds excellent through any decent pair of headphones

  31. KuruptKilla21 says:


  32. KuruptKilla21 says:

    Differently a terrible song, lil Wayne stop rappin bout bein a blood u fake

  33. nanae606 says:

    This is a beast song

  34. 15izare says:

    Beats make this song sound about 27 times better.

  35. eyyitsjosephh says:

    Jack Herrer mode*

  36. ReDeaDmau5 says:

    I dive in that pussy, Yeah I Belly Flop ,Jack knife and shitt

  37. ReDeaDmau5 says:

    Ciao Planet I’m with a yellow girl #2 pencil

  38. SuperBadchild says:

    if you stare at the cover when your high that sit is tender toward you

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  40. Nocturneant says:

    ha me to!!!….. RSN: shadowdh

  41. rawrrawr312 says:

    Hey runescape1998boy I have runescape account

  42. rawrrawr312 says:

    Nice song

  43. JoshuaDanielJames says:

    Weird clouds… Like it… Makes me reckon of James and the giant peach

  44. Runescape1998boy says:

    JACK HAMMER MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Runescape1998boy says:

    I wonder what the clouds looked liked. :O?

  46. 305kushkilla says:

    most watched video DAD MUZIK MVP

  47. TheDay26fan says:

    @MrBigl72 no -_-

  48. LazySurgeon says:

    @LazyVlogz Do you wanna play nuketown all day?

  49. LazyVlogz says:

    I got my black ops disc still spinning in the tray

  50. ImAnAustralian says:

    4,500 like

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