Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero Click this to watch Sonic vs. Mario: Versus! Versus: Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero (Who Would Win?) S1E9 This week on Versus is the battle of the music rhythm games, Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero. Click on your pet and vote to determine the winner! Make sure you vote for your pet at the end of the video. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: yt:quality=high video game versus who would win vs machinima original series votes voting vote for your pet music guitar hero rock band drums guitar bass sing musician 722674021166 Playstation instruments 787926149203 lego toy David Bowie Metallica Aerosmith Green Day Van Halen
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  1. Controller361 says:

    @redconfuser I don’t know maybe it could be Rock Hero but nice thought! :D

  2. dalchau1 says:

    Rock Band Ever

  3. autoshutdownpower says:

    well rock band is awsome because they dont do covers for there songs and you play the whole song but guitar here is funner to me but its whatever

  4. racingpro1997 says:

    Rockband is better… it have 10 times better songs and the graphics is also better ;D

  5. soradarkriku976 says:

    @popmusicisduing, right, but guitar hero was made first

  6. Qunqrose says:

    Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero

  7. MrElliottMaslow says:

    Guitar hero!! OF COURSE!!!

  8. cyrutvirus says:

    Chinese music ?

  9. popmusicisdying says:

    One- dj hero is no where near the real thing, same with the guitar in both, drumbs are the bordering to real instruments and keyboard also. Which ROCKBAND started first. And why the fuck would i wanna play as slash or whoever else the gay fucks are? customizing characters are much better… N rockband did that first.

  10. nikobellicftw says:

    Beatles rock band forever!

  11. electricutedawesome says:

    to be honest with you… i despise rockband because of the clarification. for some odd reason the square clarification just arent right for me. guitar hero has much more varieties of games and songs, plus the game is more challenging then freaking rockband. plus guitar hero III has boss battles. guitar hero also has a character choice. basically rockband is just songs and instruments, no tale or rockstar social class to it.

  12. kollitero says:

    I like voth of them but i prefer gh especially gh metallica!!!

  13. Hyp3r5had1c7211 says:

    Guitar Hero is WWWAAYYYYYY better than Rock Band, especially when it comes to visuals.

  14. Born2pwn1 says:

    @izzithecrapmaker the rock band creaters made guitar hero?!?! dude, you dont know anything o.O

  15. SIwilliamj says:

    I clicked in the middle suckers

  16. 1337Gameplayer says:

    Rock Band :3

  17. TheDarkpatate says:

    GH all the way! but hey, for those who say rockband stole the thought of GH… yall know both rockband and GH are controlled by activision, and since EA is a major actionary in activision, well u could kinda say they both belong to EA… and by the way, rockband1 was a beta for GHWT, and ppl questioned for another RB, so they kept both bustling for the rivalry

  18. izzithecrapmaker says:

    Guitar hero is wayyyyyyyyyy better! And rock band stole all of guitar hero’s thoughts! ….fuck you rock band and your small brick clarification :)

  19. RIPHolymaN says:

    Guitar Hero wins in my opinion hands down, i mean sure, RB has a shiz load more DLC of really excellent songs, but what excellent do all those fantastic songs do if they are so frustrating to play due to RB’s poor excuse for a calibrations system and those grating rectangles they call gems. At smallest amount in guitar hero i new the HOPO’s form the strumming gems. Also the four lane drums in RB cant hold a candle to GH’s 5 lanes, far more realistic. RIP GH i hope one day u will return

  20. jakthelombax says:

    whats that game at 0:30?

  21. southster6319 says:

    do giutar hero`s bundle work on rockband?

  22. abc84770 says:

    Rock Band–MTV Games–. Do i need to say anything else

  23. jlhfjhfkhgf says:

    @rossyboy1081 yeah but they dont mute words like shit, i neever got that

  24. qinhant says:


  25. MysteriousStealthMan says:

    I like Guitar hero’s guitar more. D:

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