Santana – Oye Como Va – Guitar Lesson – How to Play – Santana style licks solo

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  1. jamespatricklee says:


  2. Robert4937 says:

    Always fantastic stuff from Marty….thanks

  3. TheTVKing97 says:

    I’m just tiresome to get thumbs up :)

  4. stevielad says:

    fantastic stuff as usual Marty………………..

  5. rodidled0 says:

    @luisraify yep u cannot speak English. No sabes hablar ingles

  6. luisraify says:

    brilliant video but I wish it were in Spanish and I do not speak English very nearly all video guitar lessons are in Spanish and English but are better clarified and better quality English and I subscribe

  7. SkirtSoPlain says:

    Why don’t you play Am7 simply using open A string and barre below instead of 5th fret low E A?

  8. jeffhardy31877 says:

    Hi Marty, could you do Santana Europa? Please!

  9. Dontworry63 says:

    Grazie e mille dall’italia…sei davvero in gamba ;)

  10. marro38 says:

    Hey Marty.

    I am going to by a new guitar called the Hagström Super Swede. Is this a excellent guitar?

    Many greetings from Norway =)

  11. AncientPulse says:

    What’s the tuning

  12. astridsongs says:

    Tocas genial…

  13. TheBritoman says:

    whats the amp setting please answer!!!

  14. metalocalypserules says:

    thanks from ausi mate ps bloody legend you look ripped ahaha

  15. tomcat4372 says:

    hi marty, can some los lonely boys, heaven

  16. avhel2002 says:

    part 2 please…

  17. avhel2002 says:

    another magnificent lesson from the master of blues and rocks and more…thanks marty…

  18. kilLphiL280 says:

    @TheNightmareFan666 haha his spending his free time for culture to us guitar and you are talking like that…what a faggot you are!

  19. yurismir1 says:

    @TheNightmareFan666 How can you give a lesson without talking, Mr. Retard F. Retardford?

  20. TheVinz16 says:

    what looper are you using?

  21. TheTonesterr says:

    @TheNightmareFan666 shut up dude.

  22. VULIMINAL says:

    thank you marty!!!

  23. pr0duckti0nz says:

    @TheNightmareFan666 u sir fucking suck, just sayin’.

  24. rigby333 says:

    @UnnecessarySarcasm looks like someone wants to give marty a juicy lick!

  25. rigby333 says:

    @UnnecessarySarcasm …what?

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