Santana – Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas) – How to Play on Guitar – Lesson – Tutorial

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  1. samcapo says:

    I wish I’d had you as my music instuctor. That guy was a drain without any patience -robbed me of any interest in playing piano. I hope you teach as a profession. You’re fantastic!

  2. supersayianmichael says:

    How did he get his tone

  3. legyman says:

    Fantastic teacher and fantastic songs for learn. Thank you Marty from Slovenia!

  4. StereoLightz says:

    02:40 Hey It’s 9,10 & 12… Thumbs up so everyone can see… Nahh Marty is human he makes mistakes too.

  5. MightyDoctorRevenge says:

    where the rest of the song ?

  6. smoothemr says:

    you make it look simple. thanks. but where’s the rest of the lead?

  7. mistrp13331 says:

    I am and older guy relearning the fun of playing and can always benefit from your lessons

  8. devrock100 says:

    Marty How did you get the tone for this song?

  9. FatrixMaster says:

    What was that power chord that you played on the higher strings to initiate the second verse at the begining of the video? It sounds really excellent.

  10. Tripper215174 says:

    did anyone else notice at 2:52 he said 10,12,13 when it was really 9,10,12 or soemthing..

  11. Ramoneell says:

    My fingers are hurt

  12. shanedlfc says:

    Emm im really wedged for amp settings on this one???

  13. teeyaraaaaa says:


  14. VEVOsuckmycock says:

    Note! Do NOT bend it so much on the acoustic, if u are playing on it. My string broke and i just got another one after 3 days.

  15. delcshimo says:

    any tips on getting that santana tone?

  16. loudan1991 says:

    by no means fails with u man keep on rockin!!!

  17. smOfficialMusic says:

    @SkirtSoPlain dude you can’t play black magic woman and you play guitar? I’m 14 and can play the whole song no mistakes…

  18. iscrewedadonkey says:

    2:49 when he says 12 13 14 hes really playing 9 10 12
    like so everybody can see

  19. bradtate10 says:

    This video got me laid

  20. TheRandyLoL says:

    man i wanna play back in black but the people who teach it suk T_T

  21. 123DUDEguitar says:

    can you please do a video on how to play euorpe by santana

  22. SkirtSoPlain says:

    Tried Black Magic Woman. Now Smooth. Santana is a genius. One can learn 76 songs by other artists in the time it takes to get one Santana song. I’m selling my guitars.

  23. assffsdfg says:

    What they said

  24. chiliman321lb says:

    your the man dude!…because of you I have hit the intermediate stage! WOOHOO! The blues has been my thing and thank you very much for getting my chops in order. Although i have much to learn you have brought back the fun in my playing! That was worth a million! Some of the hot licks have really blended in my daily playing! You Rock, you are a super teacher and let me tell you my brother! Like your hats too!!

  25. Andiferous says:

    you should teach all of your fans “just feel better” by Santana ft. Steven Tyler from Aersomith!!!!! come on Marty

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