Sawlon “Easy G Blues – 2011″

Simple blues in G. Tab included!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Sawlon says:

    @oregongeo63 You’re so welcome, George! Thanks, buddy!

  2. oregongeo63 says:

    Hey Dave! I really like this small G blues tune,and thanks for including the chords,that really helps.take care buddy!!

  3. Sawlon says:

    @fngrpkn06 Not mine. You’re so welcome! Thanks! :o )

  4. fngrpkn06 says:

    Niice small tune is that an original? I like how you have the tab and the way you take the time to teach the chord progression.

  5. Sawlon says:

    @chicora1895 Thanks, J!

  6. chicora1895 says:

    Dave, It’s Jan the shipwreck guy… give me a call.
    cool stuff by the way.

  7. Sawlon says:

    @Telex1990 It does! Thanks!

  8. Telex1990 says:

    The Beginning reminds me of “The Sting” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford!

  9. Sawlon says:

    @ventodautunno Thanks!

  10. ventodautunno says:

    Che dire Sawlon..mi fai sempre sognare!!

  11. Sawlon says:

    @beau00100 Thanks! :o )

  12. beau00100 says:

    That’s a cool small tune thanks for sharing .Like the tifter.

  13. beau00100 says:

    That’s such a cool small tune thanx for sharing.Like the tifter.

  14. Sawlon says:

    @legatotechniques Thanks! Best desires to you too!

  15. legatotechniques says:

    best desires

  16. Sawlon says:

    @sockenfrank Thanks buddy!

  17. sockenfrank says:

    Another fantastic Lesson.
    Thank you Dave.


  18. Sawlon says:

    @princze89 You’re so welcome! Thanks!

  19. Sawlon says:

    @icespeckledhen Thanks!

  20. Sawlon says:

    @dschenk952 lol Thanks Don!

  21. Sawlon says:

    @van1976 Thanks Van!

  22. princze89 says:

    Oh i forgot to tune to G. Now it sounds better :)
    Thank you for tabs!

  23. icespeckledhen says:

    Its a sweet tune and a nice arrangement.

  24. dschenk952 says:

    Dave, I know I must sound like a kaput record, but that was fantastic. Thanks. You’re da’ man.

  25. van1976 says:

    Laid back tune…late at night right now (yawn), I’ll have to come back for a quicker look.
    Excellent one Dave.

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