Seek & Destroy – Metallica #2of3 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-302) How to play

In this guitar lesson you will learn more of Metallica’s Seek & Ruin. Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of Have fun .
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  1. kirkhammetthellyeah says:

    thank you

  2. irycente93 says:

    thanks for the video =) I’t really helped. I have a question , do I have to downpick all time all through part 6?

  3. jerryhudina says:

    and where is whole SOLO

  4. MsMisa96 says:


  5. cleaver60 says:


  6. nikoboka18 says:

    Me sirvio de mucho te video, muy bien!, Gracias!

  7. 5055672439 says:

    Im not excellent enough to play the solo but i want to try.

  8. gageman70 says:

    quit complaining, this guy has devoted like hundreds if not thousands of hours to teaching YOU how to play music. and if you really can’t get it then just go to ultimate guitar and look at the tab while you watch these lessons…even if the tab isn’t exactly the same as this it still helps a ton.

  9. 1jrblack says:

    this video is sweet excellent really helpful. got the first half of the song done so you should keep making videos like this

  10. tas9195 says:

    @jprevost100 why don’t you go look up the tabs yourself you bone idle fuck. He gives very detailed lessons and if you knew how to half ass play he does the examples slow enough you can tell what he is doing. I have figured tons of parts out from him without gettng the tabs. Excellent job Justin, I figured out a couple of parts I wasn’t sure on, and I didn’t even need tabs. Imagine that. They should have a youtube for dumb asses.

  11. jprevost100 says:

    you give the whorst lessons online i swear place tabs up to shitt

  12. twinsanddad says:

    can u make a vid on how to play the solo to seek and ruin, i really like how you clarify the clarification in the vid

  13. hellobooom says:

    when you played riff 6 at “full speed” it was far off the speed of the actual song, am i missing something?

  14. amerigonz says:

    Thanks for the lesson. Very helpful!

  15. amerigonz says:

    Thanks for the lesson. Very helpful!

  16. bigfootforreal65 says:

    @Physinix its the riff that you play right before the solo

  17. FFxBlAcKeNeD says:

    @DROWN1995 i agree….. that also were the part i wanted to learn the most :P

  18. HitaroX says:

    @BL0TT0911 fuck you cunt

  19. alohal3x says:

    Zniif!! I Want the soloo!!
    Well God job!!

  20. sguitar1442 says:

    Thank you this was very helpful

  21. davintwat says:

    Lolz right after riff 6 “etcetera”

  22. DROWN1995 says:

    nice lesson exept part 6…. small too quick

  23. lmr2d2 says:

    @wolfguy248 it’s the one just before the solo; when it speeds up getting ready for the solo. On the track it’s 3:15 to 3:34ish
    you do it 4 times. (i can’t…yet, im having distress with the tempo) 

  24. wolfguy248 says:

    which part in the song it the riff 6 I don’t get it :/ help

  25. FutbolWilliam says:

    Hey Men!
    Can You Give Me The Tabs Of This Part?

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