Semi Charmed Life ‬★ ‪Third Eye Blind ‬Guitar Lesson – How To Play Easy 3 Chord Songs

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  1. Dan727 says:

    Your very cool and I can play this entire song now thanks to you.

  2. mrrockallan says:

    fantastic song and thanks

  3. CNCproductions08 says:

    In all honesty was this ever hard for you… I tried and tried but cand get quick enough ps my letters are different than yours but thanks for the help….

  4. TheAbridgedFlynn says:

    @nailguitar. I have a request. Could you place on a lesson for ‘Hey Julie’ by Fountains of Wayne?
    Thanks anyway and really brilliant tutorials. The best I’ve seen, and as a learn-at-home guitarist I know what I’m talking about.
    Cheers Andy. (Also I second the whole lesson on a Avril Lavigne song.)

  5. legendsdead says:

    I stopped the video right as you started singing…

  6. TheAbridgedFlynn says:

    Brilliant. simple to use and learn. this is th ebest lesson I’ve found on the internet and it’s really fun to learn from you. Well done. Fantastic video and lesson.

  7. thesolanita2 says:

    can you do the one that got away by katy perry?

  8. iMikurixD says:

    @nailguitar thats nice but can you make a lesson about somethink from beyonė? Like ,,Halo” or ,,Sweet Dreams”?

  9. Murdapuss01 says:

    can you do a lesson for “like walked in” by “thunder” because its an incredible song and honestly simple to play (well the intro is i cant work out the strumming for the verses)

  10. d0d0oo says:

    I dont know if you take requirements but if you do can you please place up a video for Darlin by Avril Lavigne? I am sure many people want to play it.

  11. vvcguitarvv says:

    This is really excellent! Thanks! :D Subbed and favourited.

  12. zelmMm says:

    could you please make a tutorial of the song “Laugh and A half” by D A D , thanks

  13. NevidniKaktus says:

    on the day this video was uploaded, I tried to learn this. And when he said now speed it up 3 times. All I heard was the mission impracticable theme song in my head. Today, I wonder why that theme song played in my head, it’s simple :D
    It’s just hard to sing by the side of… At the moment :]

  14. mystikalrosez says:

    LOL! I just watched Friends With Benefits yesterday. Justin’s character goes on and on about Third Eye Blind

  15. TheMaximStuff says:

    Dear andy :D i hope you see this produce i really want you to see and answer to it :D

    is their any way you could play and teach us the song “in too deep” by “sum 41″ and the song “i dont care” by “fall out boy” maybe also the song “fallen leaves” by “billy talent”

    i hope you see this :D fantastic job btw ;)

  16. glenjamz says:


  17. nailguitar says:

    this is a pop rock song :)

  18. michellelanser says:


  19. pharlap1234 says:

    can you place up more like rock songs rather than pop songs

  20. DJDangerBeatz says:

    now that sounds excellent

  21. amitagrg says:


  22. TheMemorized says:

    I like your lessons! And your eyes! haha!

  23. pokilop12 says:

    cool song !!!

  24. BeanWitCheese says:

    Are u a guitar teacher, because this stuff is pro.

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