Shine On You Crazy Diamond Intro Part 1: How to Play Pink Floyd Solos

Doing a tutorial to show how I play the intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I’m using my AmDelxue Strat on the neck pickup, Hiwatt Hi-Gain 50, Boss CS-2, and the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Thanks for watching :)
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  1. LedZeppZoSo says:

    settings on the carbon copy?

  2. TheWraith says:

    sweeet :D

  3. MrDuckieone says:

    nice playing!

  4. frogshackle says:

    Something that would have been VERY helpful is to mirror the video horizontally all through the “tutorial” section so that a view could easily follow by the side of without having to swap everything visually.

  5. dsouzand says:

    can some one clarify to me what he does at 4:09? is he bending both strings at once? or picking one and bending the other???

  6. Bloempottest says:

    Nice! You have this unusual picking technique, mostly upstroke.

  7. danielgalarza says:


  8. MGKraest says:

    Mxr phase 90

  9. ibrahimBerry says:

    r u using effect …if so what is it?? fantastic job btw keep it up

  10. Artrax12 says:

    The guitar make the difference.

    Excellent job

  11. XxXSnazzyBananaXxX says:

    Dude I wish I was with Pink Floyd. High and Extacy :D

  12. steviesg says:

    you got tab

  13. steviesg says:

    do you have tab m8

  14. motokev says:

    thu most bu t ful clarification ever played !!

  15. EtienneLA09 says:

    Wow, you’re incredible! you sound just like David!

  16. MartinhoAUT says:

    Fu.. I also wanna do that!!!!!

  17. ukiliptus says:

    SAINTS SHIRT! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MGKraest says:

    By ear. It’s in the Gm Pentatonic.

  19. vault192 says:

    how did you learn to play this? it is awsome.

  20. iwillletyouknow says:

    real fantastic job i got most of it down but some parts are hard to see because you other fingers get in the way, can you post something that may help a small more

  21. R0ckers2R0ckers says:

    lol Choice mate

  22. doofynetgraouw says:

    This is a bit quick, and at times not very well coordinate with the organs .. But still, nice sound and technique :)

  23. MGKraest says:


    thanks. I really just sold it. 

  24. tvtalent says:

    how much was that Hiwatt amp? sounds rly excellent!

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