Shocking Blue – Venus – How to Play the Solos – Part 1

This is the first of a 3-part series showing my opinion of how to play 4 Lead Guitar segments in the Shocking Blue hit song, Venus. Some comments were provided (after he saw this video) by Andre Vangeldorp, who could be considered as an expert at playing this song. Here are Andre’s comments: There are some clarification on the g-string that have to be played. You slide up to 16/3 (16th fret on the g-string) plus 15/1 (15th fret on the high e-string). So far you’re right. But before going to 14/3, you first strike 16/3 again, then slide back to 14/3. From there: 14/1, and another slide from 14/3 to 12/3. From there you play 12/1. So basically you forgot two small things: two slides (16/3 – 14/3, and 14/3 – 12/3).


  1. riidehoid says:

    really excellent lesson. i’m effective with solos and it helps a lot :)

  2. cansercreta says:

    Hi Paul keep going my friend from Creta Island wiyh like!!!!!!

  3. anglicanbeachparty says:

    Sorry, but I don’t even read tab very well, much less make it. Sorry!

  4. RockeroGrunge says:

    hey paul can you send me the tabs by this translation please! this solo is very awesome, but the tabs that find in internet are very very bads can you send me this tabs please? thanks a lot man crongrants

    if someone has the tabs this verision send me please

  5. anglicanbeachparty says:

    - Yes, unfortunately, that Shocking Blue tribute site is no longer operational. There was another one, but I reckon it has gone below as well.

  6. anglicanbeachparty says:

    - Thanks, Claudio!

  7. spincode says:

    The site is Kaput

  8. anglicanbeachparty says:

    - THANKS!

    I recently traded in the SC-3. Not sure if I should have done it or not, but the wife required it in order to get another guitar I wanted. It served me long and well, though.

  9. bloodguitartattoo says:

    Thanks Paul, play Venus in my band, and this has been a fantastic help. Btw, like that yellow SC3 – given me gas for one!!!!

  10. CLADESER says:

    Thank You ! Very excellent !

  11. anglicanbeachparty says:

    - Yes, I like it a lot. G&L SC-3.

  12. anglicanbeachparty says:

    - You’re welcome.

  13. anglicanbeachparty says:

    - You’re welcome! Thanks for your comment.

  14. MarinusPee says:

    Thanks man, nice and clear! Fantastic help.

  15. juantac says:

    ahora ya me se el solo

  16. juantac says:

    ahora ya me se el solo

  17. jsteelman1000 says:

    Ciao Paul…can you show us how to play Venus all the way thru…still confused on how to play lead, before it goes to the Em

  18. Glenfiddinox says:

    а по русски можно?))))

  19. jozarj says:

    nice guitarr

  20. 11rafacoco says:

    Excelente y muchas gracias!!!

  21. lisascott9494 says:

    thanks for the lesson

  22. djheysergio says:

    Fantastic lesson man!!
    Hey…can you do it for Demon Lover? that solo is incredible

  23. anglicanbeachparty says:

    Thank you.

  24. anglicanbeachparty says:

    It is fantastic to play. I really bought it new, in the mid-1980s.

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