Shred metal guitar lesson on fast legato playing with licks scales modes and tablature click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level
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  1. od112 says:

    you kinda of just pleasured that guitar in the begining…

  2. xlxfinaldeathwishxlx says:

    this lesson is soooooooo helpful, im becoming the shredding guitarist i wanted to be one step at a time….

  3. ChaosBurnsWithin says:

    Dave Nassie is by far my pet guitar teacher from this site. he’s a metal player so its exactly what im looking for since im a metal player as well. not to say you all arent incredible! you are! its jsut that im a metal player, so yeah. btw, is there a link to where his clinics are being held and when? thanks!

  4. helgss says:

    @TheYWCBAND Charvel So-Cal1 HH

  5. TheYWCBAND says:

    what guitar is that??!!

  6. DaveNassie says:

    @Pyrocraker I wouldn’t use a hair band. Be aware of your thumb placement on the back of the neck. Make sure you keep it centered behind the neck.. Especially when getting to the higher strings. Always best to keep your thumb straight up and down as best as you can. Also and very vital be aware of how you can mute the strings with your right hand. The real meaty part of your thumb can dampen the lower strings and control distortion. Like a bass player resting on the 6th to play the 5th..

  7. Tmozarela says:

    He got laser guided fingers :O

  8. Pyrocraker says:

    how do you hammer on and pull of without sad the other strings and make them wring as well?? when i play it, it sounds ab bit chaotik because sometimes i hit the next higher string whe i pull of with my pinky. i heard that a hairband wold help but is there any other solution?
    thx and sorry for my english … i am german. :)

  9. buckkill12341 says:

    His tone sounds incredible!

  10. o2haveaviper says:

    The hammer stretches that are boxed linking 5 frets are quite hard. I can do the ones that have half steps in linking, but the hammer and pull off exercise for those runs that have a full step in linking each note is a very hard stretch, let alone a hammer.

  11. UltiMogr says:

    wtf? have you got a motor in your pinkie or something?

  12. xRAZORBACK1692x says:

    You are a beast

  13. a7xrulez17 says:

    His lessons are spot on.

  14. hardcorefierysoul says:

    i play the scales slightly differently to u i was taught differently cn i still do this??

    I reckon i cn but just for reassurance?

  15. Steve92crue says:

    sick guitar! reminds me of something jake e lee would have played.

    I can taste the distortion through the speakers… haha

  16. DIZamudio says:

    copy this link if you care to watch other guitar related videos ;)

  17. Ailasor says:

    @unexist3464 yeah.. i kinda get the hang of it now..
    but it kinda looks like im playing a violin now =)

  18. unexist3464 says:

    It helps to raise your whole lefthand higher,just a small bit

  19. Ailasor says:

    @TheBigMclargehuge im not limiting myself. im just not made for guitarplaying. but it doesnt mean im not tiresome.. just that it doesnt sound right when i have to go my whole hand to reach with the pinky fiddle with.. but i, not limitng myself. i just have to work harder and find a technique that suits my fingers better

  20. Bchris19921 says:


  21. TheBigMclargehuge says:

    @Ailasor Your attitude is the reason you reckon your fingers are too small, bro. I’ve seen korean 7-year-olds (with small 7-year-ancient fingers) play this stuff. Look I don’t mean to be a smart ass or place you down, I just don’t want to see another axeman place artificial limits on himself.

  22. Ailasor says:

    @TheBigMclargehuge yeah im sure my attitude is the reason for having small fingers.. clever one..

  23. TheBigMclargehuge says:

    @Ailasor No you can’t. Not with that attitude.

  24. Straightedgeninja says:

    he is always incredible. is there any way to find all the videos but just from him?

  25. AllOfUsLoveSpam says:

    Awesome player, awesome lesson, awesome guitar too!

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