Skyrim Main Theme – Acoustic Guitar cover

Thumbs up If you like this song, add to favourites if you like it, Download this song from here: Rearranged by Gergely Szalay, original translation composed by Jeremy Soule. Every sound fund (sometimes it’s not an instrument ;) you hear is played by me. No virtual insturments used all through the process. All sound sources were recorded with a Rode NT5 mic(Except electric BassGuitar, i used the line signal for that). I only used reverbation and eq. I will not write any tabs for this song, at smallest amount for the time being. Also click on the subscribe button or check out my other stuff at my soundcloud channel: This video is sponsored by: (In case you are wondering were did i learn to play guitar.)
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  1. technoboy141 says:

    make a video how to play it :)

  2. sc0ttyb0dy123 says:

    i need to play the game to this, it flows so well.thank you

  3. FoPnkA says:

    Nagyon tuti lett ;)

  4. Tinioz says:

    So much better than thos metal covers

  5. silencer9032345 says:

    Oh hell yes.

  6. TheToxic980211 says:

    Nagyon nagy! :D

  7. thesoftwareengi says:

    Brilliant work.

  8. TrueDeva says:

    Today is the huge day folks! The Scooma is on my tab, just be precise passing around it ;)

  9. cosmicdebris420 says:

    So mellow. Nice job mate.

  10. shted224 says:

    Best so far :)

  11. PCRoloca says:

    Szuper! Ügyes vagy! Csak így tovább!

  12. shotputblue23 says:

    This song is awesome.

  13. etNOfonehome says:

    I have by no means been so confused. Is it legal to marry a song?

  14. TheSzilassi says:


  15. BENBEN50084 says:

    nagyon ott van!

  16. akos00097 says:

    Ezt hogy csináltad? Nagyon jó lett, grat!!! :)

  17. TheJoe55223 says:

    addicted to this atm

  18. TrueDeva says:

    @Gilboron I’m looking forward to it! Noitfy me about your progress, i’m willing and able to make a new elder scrolls song just for that purpose! :D

  19. TrueDeva says:

    @Fatipedia For me, to tab this song down, it would really take more time and patience then createing this whole song you hear. :(
    Every aspect included. But i can share the chords with you:
    @0:10 Bm, G , A , E (Verse)
    @0:40 Bm, E, G , A (Bridge)
    @0:54 Bm, G, A ,E, G, E, A , Bm (Skyrim theme)
    Repeat again
    @2:28 Bm, D, A, E (Morrowind theme)
    @2:34 Bm, D, G, E
    Morrowind theme again /w Long E chords
    @2:55 Bm, F#m, Bm, G, aaaaaand (wait for it) E

    Map out the rest yourself, and you’re welcome.

  20. Fatipedia says:

    Are there tabs?

  21. Gilboron says:

    Depending on how intuitive the Creation Kit is, I’m going to try to mod this into the game to be played by a Bard. Because this is rad.

  22. s0ap001 says:

    like this !

  23. DiscoNachoPiggy says:

    Pirates of Skyrim

  24. sockoTHEsuper says:

    “I saw a mudcrab the other day.”

    “Shut up, I’m listening to that sexy tune.”

  25. MrLpeX says:

    Very nice job TrueDeva.

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