Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in E Jamtrack play along students

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  1. WhatTheFork says:

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  2. MrNickTara says:

    a small automatic but i can dig

  3. licksnkicks says:

    This is like a kid in a candy shop. This is just too much fun!

  4. YourUserNotAvailable says:

    I was playingthis cool beat to it, but the chick in bikini at 1:45 threw me off >.<

  5. alexmassacre123 says:

    holy snap.. brilliant backing track.. sweet much perfect even works well with acoustic guitar 5/5*

  6. mishybear says:

    thanks so much for making these!! theyre really helping!

  7. DreisT15 says:


  8. SupaiPollyja665 says:


  9. seburbina182 says:

    isnt there any site where i can download a specific artist music to play by the side of ??

  10. wwemmy says:

    So simple, but yet so helpful

  11. FJ67CIWA says:

    WOOOO snapped a few strings with this one

  12. YoussefFishere says:

    Please upload more of this! Harmonic E, G Major…

  13. SuperDockman says:

    haha at 1:39 she ALMOST looks as excellent as the les paul shes playin lol

  14. Frommerhold says:

    1:38 how can I concentrate on my solo now?!

  15. skier7711 says:

    lol. well thats a given. if you practice anything you will get better, THATS a promise

  16. verbalassalt09 says:


  17. mrbazelakos13 says:

    the jack ac/dc…

  18. propolispills says:

    I just found this track, and all I have to say is….. IT SMOKES!!!! Thanks Marty, You Da Man!!

  19. zeppelin1996 says:

    There are a lot of different licks you can get out of the pentatonic, and a lot of different positions to play them in. Play around with it, find a lick you like and base your improv off of it. Blues is a fantastic way to start playing leads and improvising. More complicated scales can come later.

  20. DaMnMeSsEdUpKeYbOaRd says:

    Cant seem to get out of the pentationic scale lol

  21. TableEnMousse says:


  22. adammatsui says:


  23. phillyfan1214 says:

    This is Fantastic Stuff to Jam to and to learn how to play. The Internet makes culture guitar much simpler than back in the day. I need an entire CD of Jam Tracks

  24. DavidL1432 says:

    like it, slow and simple, fantastic for blues shredding and improv techniques, just like romanosalvatore said.

  25. zeppelin1996 says:

    No you didn’t spell it right. :) You don’t even have to go to more complicated scales. Some of the best blues players only played 3 clarification! Nothing better than the excellent ancient pentatonic.

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