Somebody That I Used To Know – WOTE Parody! Key of Awesome #55!

WOTE is getting tired of sharing one guitar! Watch the original WOTE cover song: Watch the original original by Gotye Watch the Behind the Awesome: Check out our second Channel! Please Like, Pet, and Subscribe! The Key of Awesome Website! KOA Facebook! http Characters stuff: Todd’s Stuff Get the songs on iTunes! Subscribe to the Newsletter of Awesome! TShirts! Follow us on Twitter http Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome PO Box 23 New York, NY 10113 MARK Now and then we like to play one guitar together And that’s convenient since we only have the one Tony sold our other instruments To pay some gangsters but he’s still in debt And if they catch him he will surely be dismembered Tony is addicted to wide array of narcotics He claims they help him write but we’re a cover band I’m not sure why we keep him in the band Maybe it’s because he drives the van The rest of us can only drive an automatic TODD This used to just be my guitar Now Dave is banging on it like he’s fucking Tito Puente We look sad because we’re starved Tonight for dinner we’re splitting a candy bar We are the poorest band in the planet We have to act like we are camping, but we’re really homeless I don’t even own this voice We had to borrow it from Peter Gabriel Don’t
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  1. SamoScopom says:

    I was thinking like: Why is there that duck?

  2. YourVelvetTouch says:


  3. vhonvince says:

    hahaha efin funny!!! >__<

  4. GRIMX5013 says:

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  5. utsavrai13 says:

    Nice……what a talent guys…

  6. mj50love says:

    Sooooooo  amusing!!!!! hahahaha Nice!!! :D :’D

  7. dylan100022 says:

    awesome lol F*&%ing SUBSCRIBE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

  8. JaimeParoles says:

    Oh :O It’s not ?!

  9. JaimeParoles says:

    how do they record this without laughing :)

  10. WWJDleinad050 says:

    Geez,I wonder why?

  11. WWJDleinad050 says:

    WAIT you mean it’s not Ducky of Awesome?!?!?

  12. 76magicman76 says:

    tony with that wig on reminds me of the bearded nun

  13. DrakeDolan says:

    Is this song on iTunes?

  14. Kiara Rondeaux says:

    and austin mahone say somethin

  15. RigaudonAS says:

    How ancient are you now?

  16. JustVarna says:

    Well duh… That’s why it’s a duck at the end of the videos. Not a BEAR or a Seagle.. But ya.. Jokes motherfucker do you get them ?

  17. CrazyCoreyproduction says:

    haha 69 likes hahah 69

  18. お金 お譲りします says:

    【】皆様にご相談があります…どなたかお金にお困りの方おりませんか?私は自分のお金の使い道に困っております。自分の諸事情なのですが…どなたか5,000,000円受け取って下さる方いらっしゃいませんか?どなたにでもお譲り致します。条件等は一切ございません。いきなりこんな所に書き込んでしまって失礼を承知の上ですが、どなたかに受け取って頂きたく思っております。受け取って頂けるという方は、こちらから【】か又は、youtube内の動画検索にて『 お金お譲りします 』で検索して頂きますと、受取人様の準備がととのい次第、最短30分程でお受け取りいただけます。急な話で信じられないかもしれませんが、人生の転機は急に訪れるものです。お困りの方はご連絡の方お待ちしております。準備は出来ていますので本日中にでもお渡しできます。

  19. mrflashito says:

    umpa lumpa dubadidabu ♫

  20. miullyZEN says:

    no more candy bar tonight xD !

  21. Cookehz101 says:

    The clinky noise-WE NEED TONY! He does the clinky noise

  22. Jenkkimie says:

    This was really amusing and excellent parody.

  23. Kiara Rondeaux says:

    You guys need to make a video for taylor swift we are by no means getting back together and cher loyd want u back and a song by the wanted

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