Spanish Guitar Jam – Classical Guitar (by Easy Guitar Chords)

Testing my new camera :)
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  1. haris1687 says:

    which tuning ??

  2. EasyGuitarChords says:

    @alternatereality2012 In this video I am using the original Cordaba C5 guitar strings. I altered them to d’addario. Hope this helped.

  3. alternatereality2012 says:

    What kind of nylon are you playing with?

  4. scot5406 says:

    now play classical gas !!!!

  5. Templar93100 says:

    Can you please send me chords? I want to learn how to play this music.

  6. Dima91451 says:

    very goooooooood !

  7. Davidlulian says:

    well your camera works fine

  8. N0Uh9Two says:

    Yeah nice bro ! Malaguena + Classical Gas= Simple Guitare Chord

  9. MrBdorn says:

    Please make tabs

  10. chrisdeli7158 says:

    teach how to do this!!!!!

  11. LedZepplin3853 says:

    i like how u tart playing malaguena half way through AWESOME

  12. lovesguitarnsoccer says:


  13. aussieguy3333 says:

    very excellent…

  14. FishizzleBoy says:

    Make tabs? :D

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